Indie-rock, Contemporary Christian music-making group has 8 Dove awards and many Grammy nominations since they formed in 1994. Their last album was released in 2017. Let’s take a look at their top ten songs!

#10. Almost Home

The touching song has a music video, which is a music video series that the group started. Every music video from the album was a part of a whole story, and with this song, the group aimed to tell the listener that they are not alone.


#9. I Can Only Imagine

The song is about how it would feel If you were about to meet with Jesus.


#8. You Are I Am

The deep meaning of the song is who we are in front of Christ, and it reminds us how important we are as a soul.

 #7. Dear Younger Me

Millard had a problematic relationship with his father until he learned that he was diagnosed with cancer. He dedicated his life to Christ, and that also had a very positive effect on his father that they built a good father-son relationship. The song has personal pieces from his life, and in general, it is dedicated to the people who are struggling in their life.

#6. Happy Dance

On these songs, the group focused on the nice sides of living, and they point out that all these goods are because the  Lord saved us.

#5. Best News Ever

The song has a very positive and supportive meaning as it was described by Millard; it is important to work hard and try all your best.

#4. Shake

The song is a celebration of being Christian with a dance sound and joyful lyrics.

#3. Flawless

This is a very encouraging song from the group with a happy sound.

#2. Greater

This song has a very personal backstory for Millard. When he was trying to support his middle son, their talk gives the inspiration for these lyrics.

#1. Even If

The song is a reminder of even in the hardest situations; God is with us and worthy. Even If we feel that He is silent, it doesn’t mean that we are left alone. This touching song also has a personal story as it was inspired by Millard’s diabetic son.


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