Many people perceive Mondays as dull days. And it’s not just because they’re tired from a weekend filled with fun activities or because they’ve been sleeping in late for too long. It’s also because we associate the beginning of every week with stress and hard work, which is why most of us feel like our day starts badly even before we get out of bed.  

Luckily, there are some artists who understand how you might be feeling at the start of each work week. They have created music to help you deal with these feelings better. Let’s take a look at some popular tunes about Monday.


1. Stormy Mondays by the Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band takes us on a ride through how it feels when something goes wrong on Monday. They sing about sadness, frustrations, and the dread of facing another day at work or school.

Stormy Mondays are all about having one of those days where nothing seems to go right. It’s about dealing with depression and anxieties in a world where monotony is the only constant.

2. On Mondays by Big Sean

On Mondays, Big Sean takes us on a trip through his mind when faced with the prospect of another workweek. He tries to hide his feelings, but at some point, he realizes it’s just not working out.

3. New Moon on Monday by Duran Duran

There’s a new moon on Monday, and by its waxing, we can expect a change in our fortunes. The lyrics of the song have nothing to do with it being a Monday or even a full moon.

It was written about changes at their record label where they lost two members of their team, which made them uncertain about their future.

4. Money by Pink Floyd

Money was released in 1973 on the album “Dark Side of the Moon.” It’s about the obsessive materialism that blinds people while they are still empty inside. This hard rock has a lot of influence on how you feel about money.

You don’t want it that much, and if you have to work for it, then the job better is very rewarding in itself. So, get yourself up on Monday morning and start working with David Gilmour’s existential philosophy in your head.

5. Monday, Monday by the Mamas & the Papas

This song is about how Mondays are a drag and how it can be so difficult to get through the day, but it’s worth it when you’ve finally survived another week.

This song is a cover of the Mamas and the Papas song described above, just in case someone wasn’t aware. It was released on their album “Magical Mystery Tour” in 1967 and was written by John Phillips.

6. I Don’t Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats

This is another Monday song that appeared on the 1979 album “The Fine Art of Surfacing.” It was written by Bob Geldof. The song is about a school shooting in San Diego, California, on January 29th, 1979, at Cleveland Elementary School.

The inspiration of this song is very tragic, although the song itself is an earthworm that explores this tragedy. This song was originally released on the 1968 album “I Never Loved a Man” and written by Aretha Franklin, but her version wasn’t popular.

7. Blue Monday by Fats Domino

Monday songs are so many that you don’t need to get bored when starting your week. Blue Monday by Fats Domino is probably one of the most uplifting songs you can listen to on Monday.

The song was released in 1952, and it holds the title of being the first R&B song that topped the American Billboard chart. The lyrics are talking about how “blue” Monday is, but there’s still hope for tomorrow (Tuesday).

8. Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters

This song was released in 1971, and it talks about how rainy and grey Mondays can be, especially if you’re having a hard time trying to get out of bed. The Carpenters created

this song in collaboration with Paul Williams, who also participated in writing another song on our list; we’ve Only Just Begun (which is about Saturday). The lyrics speak about how “we’ve only just begun” to live in a world of love and peace.

9. Manic Mondays by the Bangles

It was released in 1986, and it speaks about how Mondays can be pretty depressing and grumpy. The lyrics speak about a woman who doesn’t want to get up from bed because she’s feeling so downcast, so she’d rather play hooky from work with her man.

The song was written by Prince and performed by one of the most underrated bands of the 1980s. It still plays on most radio stations, and when you hear it being played, you’ll enjoy the lyrics. So, if you’re commuting for a long time or having some long hour meetings on your Mondays, put your headphones on and enjoy the best song ever written about this day of the week

10. The Monday Morning Glory by Oasis

This song is one of Oasis’ more forgotten songs. Being on the Album “Heathen Chemistry,” it didn’t get that much airplay. However, you can still find some radio stations that play this particular song, but if you want to listen to this song in its best sound quality, you should download it.

The song is an instant classic with a great beat and lyrics that the whole world can relate to on Mondays.

11. Come Monday by Jimmy Buffet

It was released in 1978. Although Jimmy Buffet is known for Margaritaville, this 1978 classic talks about how it’s nice to spend a great day out at the beach, but Monday comes, and we have to go back to work. This song motivates you to get back to work after a long weekend of having fun.

12. Blue Monday by New Order

Blue Monday was released in 1983 on a 7-inch record, 12-inch record, CD single, and vinyl album. It’s one of the New Orders’ most important songs.

They were ranked fourth-best of all time. Don’t let moody Monday pull you when you can pull the Monday blues. Monday should be an easy day where you kill it in the office.

13. Except for Monday by Lorrie Morgan

Released in 1991, that seems recent, the song about a couple that seems to be going well. Except for Monday, you know, the day everyone hates. The country artists also hate Mondays,

and that’s why they have released the song. It was recorded around the time when country music left its roots to become commercially successful.

14. Kiss Me on Monday by Abby Christo

Here is another great Monday song released in 1991 and was the debut single for this artist. You can imagine someone kissing you to make sure you don’t have a bad day because it’s Monday.

15. The Happy Mondays by Innocence Mission

The Happy Mondays by Innocence Mission is a band that mostly sings about love. The Mondays also released their debut album in 1991, and this song was not among the singles for the album. So, if you’re looking for a song that can help you start your Monday happily, this is it.

16. Church on Monday by Bossie Badazz and Zaytoven

Church on Monday is a song that boasts the return of Zaytoven, one of the most popular producers in Hip-Hop. The lyrics talk about two guys hoping to go to church every Monday like it’s something they look forward to after a long week of work.

The hip-hop lyrics of this song will make you want to sing along. Also, the chorus has very catchy music that makes it easier for you to remember and sing along.

17. Monday Morning by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a top known world artist who has touched so many fans with her songs. And Monday morning is one of them. This song has a very high beat which makes it easier to remember and sing along with.

How would you feel when you wake up on a stressful Monday and tune in to this lovely jam? It’s like singing and dancing to a song. It’s like you’re your best self again- starting the week refreshed and happy. That’s how I feel about this song whenever I wake up on Mondays.

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As you can see, your Mondays don’t have to be grumpy and dragging again. Get your headphones on or increase the volume on your speakers, and start dancing to the music. It’s like you’re at a happy party already. I hope you feel better starting today or tomorrow with these songs about Monday. You can also listen to other great songs here.



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