When you’re feeling down and alone, there’s nothing like a good song to make you feel better. In this blog post, we will discuss 67 songs about suicidal thoughts that will make you feel less alone.

These songs offer an outlet for emotions that can be difficult to express. They also remind us that we are not alone in our struggles.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please know that you are not alone. There is help available, and these songs can offer some comfort during tough times.

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(Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.

The lyrics of this song allude to the idea of death, and how it should not be feared. The chorus goes “Don’t fear the reaper/He’s come to take us away.” To some, these words may sound like a call to give in to suicidal thoughts.

Combined with the melodic guitar riffs and an upbeat rhythm, the song can be interpreted in many different ways. It may serve as a reminder to not give in to despair and keep fighting against suicidal thoughts.

On the other hand, it could also be seen as a way of accepting one’s own mortality and coming to terms with suicide as the only “escape.” Either way, it’s an interesting and thought-provoking song that can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

10 Years Today by Bullet For My Valentine.

This song is about a young man who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts for 10 years. He longs to escape from the darkness that he feels, but struggles to do so.

The lyrics express intense feelings of desperation, hopelessness and pain, as well as his determination to keep trying and never give up.

This song is a powerful reminder that although life can be hard, there is always hope.

A Broken Wing by Martina McBride.

This song is about a woman whose life is falling apart and she feels helpless, so she begins to contemplate suicide. She sings “Sometimes I feel like I just can’t go on/And if there was a way I’d end it all today/But something deep inside of me says don’t let go”.

Martina McBride’s powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics make it clear that this woman has reached her breaking point.

Through the song, she encourages herself to fight for a better tomorrow in spite of all the pain she feels. She reassures herself that “It’s alright to have a broken wing, as long as you keep dreamin’ you can still fly”.

A Day Without Me by U2.

This song is about a man struggling with suicidal thoughts. He’s contemplating the idea of ending his life, but also trying to find hope in the fact that it might not be so bad after all.

The song talks about how he’s been feeling isolated and misunderstood and how he’s been longing for an escape from everything around him.

It speaks to those who feel a deep sense of hopelessness and despair, reminding them that even though things may seem dark and impossible, there is still light in the world.

The song ends with the hope that maybe one day he’ll find something to live for. It’s an encouraging reminder to anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts that life can get better if they just hang on a little bit longer.

A Little More by Machine Gun Kelly Ft. Victoria Monet.

This song paints a vivid picture of how suicidal thoughts can linger in the mind of someone struggling with depression.

Machine Gun Kelly raps about being “locked in his own head” and feeling like he’s out of options, while Victoria Monet sings from the perspective of an outside observer who desperately wants their loved one to stay alive.

The two create a powerful duet of emotions and understanding, with Monet’s chorus begging for more time and hope.

The song ultimately conveys the message that everyone can make it through the dark moments in life if they just take a little more time to focus on their own well-being.

Adam’s Song by Blink 182.

The song starts off with singer Tom DeLonge singing, “I took my time, I hurried up/The choice was mine, I didn’t think enough.” The lyrics express the idea of feeling rushed and not taking enough time to consider the consequences of one’s decisions.

This is a common feeling for those struggling with suicidal thoughts. The chorus talks about how the protagonist has “been this way since I was young” and it’s “just a phase, I’m going through.” This expresses the idea of having to constantly battle with these thoughts for many years.

Asleep by The Smiths.

Written in 1984 by Morrissey and Johnny Marr, this song is about a young woman who has become so hopelessly despondent that she “finds peace of mind in death”.

The lyrics describe the many pressures life can throw at us – from loneliness to financial hardship – and suggest that suicide may be an unspoken answer to them.

The song does not glamorize suicide, but simply reflects on the despair some can feel in their lives. It has been covered by a variety of artists over the years, including Guillemots and Razorlight.

Ballad Of Hollis Brown by Bob Dylan.

This is a story of poverty and desperation. A man, Hollis Brown, has become so desperate that he takes his own life along with the lives of his family.

The song paints a vivid picture of despair, as it details how Brown’s land has been destroyed by drought and debt, leaving him with no hope for the future.

Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi.

This song encapsulates the feeling of losing a loved one to suicide. It’s heartbreaking and raw, but it also speaks to the hope of healing from such an immense loss.

Through Capaldi’s emotional lyrics, he encourages everyone who is feeling lost and alone in their pain to reach out for help by saying “Don’t give up, don’t give in/ Turn around now and just begin/ There will be joy, there will be love/ Find a little of it, enough for some.”

He also stresses the importance of making sure to remain strong and connected to others who are struggling through their own grief.

His words provide comfort and reassurance that even in times of despair, there is still hope and light to be found in the world. The gentle sounds of Capaldi’s voice add an air of solace to this song, making it a powerful reminder that everyone should never give up on themselves.

Beyond The Realms Of Death by Judas Priest.

This song is a haunting depiction of someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, being pulled in both directions between despair and hope.

The lyrics portray the protagonist as deeply depressed, desperate to escape the pain they feel in life but also unwilling to completely give up on finding some kind of peace: “Purging my soul of the millionth tear/ Nowhere left to go, no more hope of redemption.”

As the song progresses, it eventually reaches a resolution where the protagonist finds a bit of solace and decides to hold on: “But I still can see that there’s something left for me/ Time will not erase the memory.”

This song is an excellent example of how music can be used to discuss issues of mental health and suicide in an open, honest way. It can provide comfort for those struggling with similar thoughts and remind them that there is always a chance for hope and redemption.

Big Quiet by The Dead Ships.

On this track, the Los Angeles-based quartet explores the struggles of those dealing with suicidal thoughts and wanting to escape from the pain. The song opens with a solemn guitar riff that sets a melancholic tone for the rest of the track.

The lyrics then come in to tell stories of struggle and hopelessness, but ultimately finding strength and peace through quietude.

Shane Baskerville’s vocals are raw and honest, conveying the emotions of the song with great conviction.

Big Quiet is a powerful reminder to take time to find solace in the moments of stillness, while continuing to fight through tough times. It’s an inspiring anthem for anyone coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings of despair.

By The Grace Of God by Katy Perry.

By The Grace Of God by Katy Perry is a powerful and emotional song about suicidal thoughts. The song, released in 2013, follows the story of Katy struggling with suicidal thoughts after the breakdown of her marriage.

The chorus is perhaps the most poignant part of this song as it talks about how even when she feels like giving up, she still has hope and determination to keep going. The song is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is still hope.

It’s an inspiring anthem for anyone who has ever struggled with suicidal thoughts or depression, reminding them that they can always find the strength to keep going.

Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance.

This song is about the narrator trying to convince someone not to commit suicide. The lyrics talk about how life can be so meaningful and that it’s important for people to be in each other’s lives, because no one should go through something like this alone.

It encourages listeners to reach out for help when they’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or depression.

The song is a reminder that you’re not alone and that there are people who can help you in your darkest moments. It’s an honest and powerful message of hope, compassion, and understanding.

Ceremony by New Order.

This song was released in 1989 and speaks to the theme of suicidal thoughts. Lyrics such as “You hurt yourself again today/I guess you feel no shame” and “Maybe it’s time you thought about what’s good for you/And not just your pride” give a sense of desperation and sadness.

It is a somber song that speaks to the desperation of suicidal thoughts and serves as a reminder to us all that we should take our mental health seriously.

The power of music can be incredibly healing for those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and this song is a great example of how powerful music can be in giving hope and strength to those in need.

Chop Suey! by System Of A Down.

Released in 2001, this song is about frontman Serj Tankian’s battle with depression and his suicide attempt prior to the band’s formation. The lyrics tell of a man who has been pushed to the brink of despair and is reaching out for help.

The line “I’m too depressed to go on” speaks volumes about his emotional state at the time. The song also addresses the stigma of mental health, as it’s not only about Serj’s own struggles but also those of close friends of his.

Through this song, System Of A Down gives a voice to those who may be too scared or ashamed to speak up and who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Cityside by The Dead Ships.

This song speaks of the loneliness and sadness that can come with struggling with suicidal thoughts. It talks of wanting to find a place where one can go to get away from the darkness and feeling of being stuck in a never-ending cycle.

The chorus offers hope, singing “You don’t have to feel this way, there’s still hope for your saving grace”. This song speaks to those who feel lost and alone, reminding them that there is always hope in the darkness.

Coming Down by Five Finger Death Punch.

This heavy metal rock track dives into the struggles of dealing with suicidal thoughts and urges. The song highlights how these thoughts can take a toll on an individual’s mental health, stating “I’m coming down, I’m losing my hold/I won’t make it through this night alone.”

The lyrics also reflect on the feeling of being trapped and unable to escape this dark state of mind, as the singer pleads for someone to “Save me from myself.”

Despite its heavy subject matter, Coming Down is a hopeful reminder that there is always hope in any situation, no matter how dark it may seem.

The message of the song provides reassurance that one can find their way out of the darkness and into the light.

Damn It, Rose by Don Henley.

This song is about the internal struggle of a man who has been struggling with suicidal thoughts. The protagonist feels like he can’t go on, but also thinks that his loved one wouldn’t accept him if he did take his own life.

He also blames himself for not being able to ask for help when he needs it most. This poignant ballad shows the despair of someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, and how they can feel like they’re in a hopeless situation.

The chorus line particularly emphasizes this sentiment: “If I ever went that way, oh, what would I do? / Damn it, Rose – no one would understand me or you”.

This song is a heartbreaking reminder of the real-life struggles that many people face when considering ending their own lives.

It also serves as a call to action, as it encourages its listeners to reach out and ask for help if they are experiencing suicidal ideation.

Ultimately, this song is an emotional yet powerful reminder of the need for support in times of crisis.

Don’t Try Suicide by Queen.

This song talks about how suicidal thoughts can be a tempting way to escape tough times and suggests that instead of giving in to them, one should try different paths.

The chorus is especially poignant with its emphatic warning against trying suicide: “Don’t try suicide / Don’t give in tonight / There’s always another way out / When the morning comes / Don’t try suicide / It just ain’t right.” The song may be a bit dated, but its message is timeless and still relevant today.

Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor by Eels.

This song captures the feeling of loneliness and despair that can accompany suicidal thoughts. It starts off with lead singer Mark Everett singing “The world rushes in/to fill the space I left behind,” creating a sense of isolation while simultaneously acknowledging that life is still going on without us.

The lyrics become more anguished as he continues singing about his regret and sadness, with a chorus of “Elizabeth on the bathroom floor/I can’t take it anymore.”

It is a powerful song about accepting our darkest moments, understanding that they are only temporary, and allowing ourselves to move forward.

This song could be a valuable tool for those experiencing suicidal thoughts as it acknowledges their pain and struggles, while also providing a sense of hope that things can get better. The song is a reminder that no matter how dark our thoughts are, we are still worth fighting for.

Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

This is a song that deals with the difficulty of enduring sadness and depression. It is perhaps one of the most famous songs about suicidal thoughts, and its melody conveys a feeling of despair.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of what it’s like to suffer from dark moments: “When your day is long/And the night, the night is yours alone/When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on.” The song is a reminder that these moments can be survived and that there is hope in the end.

Fade To Black by Metallica.

This dark, heavy metal song captures the pain and despair of suicidal thoughts. Fade To Black addresses the powerful emotions people experience when they feel alone and hopeless.

In the chorus, James Hetfield sings about wanting to vanish away from everything that’s causing him so much mental anguish.

The song then goes into a spoken-word section where Hetfield expresses his desire to end it all.

The song speaks of a sense of emptiness and helplessness that can come with suicidal ideation. It captures the emotions many people feel when they are in the depths of their darkest thoughts.

Fire and Rain by James Taylor.

This classic song is about Taylor’s struggle with depression, as well as the death of a friend. He sings about the storms and droughts in his life and how they have taken their toll on him.

The final chorus captures this sentiment: “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end. I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend, but I always thought that I’d see you again.”

Despite its melancholy lyrics and sadness, the song is ultimately about hope and resilience in the face of tragedy. It serves as an important reminder to those dealing with suicidal thoughts that things will eventually get better.

It is a powerful song that has stood the test of time and continues to resonate with people today. It is worth a listen for anyone looking for solace in the midst of darkness.

Fix You by Coldplay.

This song is about a person struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Although the lyrics don’t explicitly mention suicide, the underlying message of hope and healing resonates with anyone who has ever gone through such dark times.

The lyrics “When you try your best but you don’t succeed/When you get what you want but not what you need/When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep/Stuck in reverse” perfectly capture the emotions associated with suicidal thoughts.

The song goes on to offer a glimmer of hope, as the singer expresses his belief that he “will fix you.” Despite its heavy subject matter, Fix You provides reassurance for those struggling with suicidal thoughts, that it is possible to find healing and peace.

Give Me Novacaine by Green Day.

This song captures the feeling of being overwhelmed by life and wanting to escape it all. It speaks to the idea that numbing yourself from emotional pain can be a coping mechanism, but it’s not a real solution to your problems.

The lyrics describe how wanting to escape reality can be a dangerous thought process, and ultimately how seeking help is the best way to find relief. This song is raw and honest, and conveys a powerful message about suicide and mental health awareness.

Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday.

This classic jazz standard is often referred to as the “Hungarian Suicide Song” due to its morbid lyrics. It was written in 1933, and despite being banned in multiple countries for its dark subject matter, it remains a beloved track today.

In addition to discussing suicidal thoughts, the song actually talks about how death will be a release from a life of pain, and how it will reunite the singer with a lost love. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful song that captures the despair of depression and suicidal thoughts in an honest way.

Goodbye I’m Sorry by Jamestown Story.

This song is about a person who is on the brink of taking their own life. It starts off with an apology and then transitions into a plea for someone to listen and help them through their distress.

The chorus repeats “Goodbye, I’m sorry” as if the thought of suicide is too much to bear, but it fades out before they can make the ultimate decision.

The song ends with an unseen hope that maybe somebody will be there to help and save them. Despite its somber topic, this song is a reminder that it’s never too late to ask for help when dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Her Last Words by Courtney Parker.

The song is about a woman who contemplates suicide after being left by her lover. The music video shows the singer as she struggles to come to terms with her inner turmoil.

The lyrics are raw and honest as she expresses her hurt and confusion over the situation. She wonders if anyone will even miss her when she’s gone, and ultimately decides not to go through with her suicide plan.

The video ends with the singer making peace with her decision and being surrounded by a group of people who love her for who she is.

Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter.

Written in 1995, “Hey Man Nice Shot” is a song about suicide. It tells the story of an individual who has taken his own life and the shock and confusion it causes those around him.

The lyrics deal with the inner turmoil that the protagonist was going through before he made his final decision, as well as how his death left those close to him feeling lost and helpless.

The song is both a tribute to the individual’s life as well as an examination of how suicide affects those left behind.

The song serves as a warning to anyone considering taking their own life, reminding them that it not only causes immense pain and grief but also leaves others with questions that may never be answered.

How Do You Get That Lonely by Blaine Larsen.

This song is about a young man who can’t seem to find his way out of a dark place. He talks about feeling like he’s an “empty shell” and that no one can help him.

The chorus then goes on to talk about how it feels when you get so low that death starts looking attractive, though, in the end, he says he can’t make himself do it, despite how badly he wants to.

The song ends with him saying that no one will ever know the depths of his pain and loneliness, though he wishes desperately for someone who understands.

This is a heartbreakingly beautiful example of what it’s like to struggle with suicidal thoughts and reminds us that even when we feel completely alone, we are never truly alone.

How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead.

The song tackles the subject matter of wanting to escape life, with frontman Thom Yorke repeatedly singing “I’m not here. This isn’t happening.” The heavy guitar distortion and whispered vocals create a feeling of dread and despair that is hard to ignore.

The song may evoke an even deeper level of emotion if you look into the backstory of its inspiration.

The lyrics were reportedly written after Yorke was diagnosed with a rare illness that left his body in pain and his mind in a state of turmoil. In this way, “How To Disappear Completely” serves as a testament to the inner strength it takes to survive even when you feel like giving up.

How To Save A Life by The Fray.

This song was released in 2006 and was a hit single from the band’s second album. The song is about trying to help someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts.

It talks about how difficult it can be to do this, but also emphasizes the importance of not giving up hope. The lyrics are full of emotion and compassion, making it an inspiring anthem for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts.

It is a reminder that there is always hope and that we should never give up on trying to help someone in need.

The song also serves as an important reminder to those around us who are struggling: they are not alone, and they can find comfort in the fact that there are people out there who care deeply about them.

Hurt by Nine Inch Nails.

Hurt is a song about the pain and loneliness of hitting rock bottom, being stripped of all hope and feeling like there’s nothing left to live for.

The singer talks about cutting himself off from the world and giving up on life. It speaks to deep depression, when the person feels so disconnected from everything that death seems like the only way out.

I Know It’s Over by The Smiths.

This song tackles the feelings of helplessness and loneliness from a failed relationship.

The narrator in the song is struggling with his emotions and seeking comfort in alcohol, as he tries to make sense of why things had to end.

He eventually realizes that it’s time for him to move on and accept that it’s over.

I Need A Miracle by Third Day.

This song is about recognizing that when it comes to suicidal thoughts, we can’t do it alone. The singer asks for a miracle, pleading with God for help in overcoming their struggles and getting through the darkness.

The lyrics reassert the idea that no matter how hopeless things may seem, there is always hope if you reach out and ask for help. It’s a powerful reminder that healing is possible, and to never give up on life.

Inside The Fire by Disturbed.

This song is about a man who is tempted to commit suicide but ultimately finds the strength to keep fighting the darkness.

He talks about the inner pain and his desire to end it, but also his faith that he will be able to overcome these thoughts. The chorus speaks of an inner battle between life and death: “I’m in misery/And I’m so hollow inside/I have a choice to make/But it’s suicide.”

This song was written as a response to lead singer David Draimans brother’s suicide attempt and is incredibly powerful. It speaks of the pain and suffering that someone can go through, but also shows hope in the end.

The lyrics are raw and emotionally charged, making it the perfect song to relate to those struggling with suicidal thoughts. This is a powerful reminder that it’s possible to overcome even the darkest of times.

Jumper by Third Eye Blind.

This is a song about wanting to take your own life written from the perspective of someone who has dealt with suicidal thoughts before. The lyrics describe the feeling of being overwhelmed and not seeing any hope in sight, while also recognizing that life can be worth living.

It’s an incredibly powerful song that speaks to those who have wanted to end it all, but ultimately decided that life is worth living. The song serves as a reminder for anyone who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts and urges that there can be hope even in the darkest of times.

Kill Myself by Tim McGraw.

This song is about a man who is dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. He talks about how he can see no other way out except for suicide, and wonders what would happen if he went through with it.

The lyrics are powerful, as they capture the darkness of someone struggling with suicidal thoughts. The song ends on an uplifting note though, as the man decides not to go through with it, and finds a way to turn his life around.

This is a great example of how music can help people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and show them that there is always another option. It’s an important reminder that you are never alone in your struggles and that help is out there.

Last Resort by Papa Roach.

This song was released in 2000 and quickly became an anthem for those feeling lost and alone. It focuses on a person who is struggling with suicidal thoughts and the dark emotions that come with it.

The lyrics offer a desperate cry for help to anyone willing to listen, referencing lines like “Sometimes I want to take my life away/I’m so ashamed, I can’t face the day.”

The chorus is a powerful declaration of hope: “I’m not gonna die/I’m gonna make it through another day!” Despite its heavy subject matter, Last Resort is also an empowering song that reminds us to persevere in the face of despair.

Listen Before I Go by Billie Eilish.

The song was released in 2019 and is a track off her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The song follows Billie as she contemplates suicide while acknowledging the pain it would cause those around her.

She grapples with difficult emotions like loneliness and self-doubt, but ultimately resolves to “listen before she goes.”

The song, while sad in its content, also manages to show hope in the singer’s choice to seek out help and understanding rather than give in to her suicidal thoughts.

Lullaby by Nickelback.

This song speaks to the pain and loneliness that can come with suicidal thoughts, as well as the hope of overcoming them.

It tells the story of a lonely person who is dealing with dark and overwhelming emotions, but at the same time finds solace in the thought that someone else out there loves them and cares for them.

The chorus is particularly moving: “So hold on, don’t let go / We’ll make it through, I promise you / So hold on, just for tonight / And know that I will try / To light up your life.” This song is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.

Make It Stop by Rise Against.

This song is a powerful anthem about depression and suicidal thoughts. It begins with the singer describing his battle with depression, telling himself to “make it stop” as he struggles to stay alive.

He pleads for someone to help him and acknowledges that even if they can’t take away the pain, just having someone there would be enough.

The chorus expresses the singer’s desperation, as he cries out “Make it stop!” and begs for a way to make his pain go away. The song ends with the singer vowing to keep on fighting in spite of his suicidal thoughts.

It serves as an inspiration to anyone struggling with dark thoughts and shows them that they can find strength within themselves to overcome their depression. This song is a powerful reminder that mental health should be taken seriously and those struggling should seek help. No one should have to go through this alone.

Move Along by The All American Rejects.

The song is about getting over a break up and learning to move on. The lyrics talk about having thoughts of suicide after the pain of a break-up but then deciding that it’s best to “just move along” instead.

The chorus states, “Those days are gone/And I just can’t go on/When all I wanted was to be wanted/But all I got was outcasted and it made me weak/I just wanna sleep”.

The lyrics speak about the pain of being pushed away but reflect the determination to keep pushing forward, despite the suicidal thoughts that come along with the hurt.

Never Too Late by Three Days Grace.

This song is about a person who feels like they cannot take it anymore, and the only way out of their pain is to end their life. But an angel appears in the darkness and shows them that it’s never too late for hope and for them to keep going.

The lyrics are powerful and emotional, reminding us all that suicide should not be seen as the only way out of our pain. The song is a reminder that it’s never too late to find hope and hold on to life, even when it seems like there is none.

Numb by Linkin Park.

The song is about a person in a dark place who feels empty and numb. It speaks of someone who has lost all enthusiasm for life and can no longer find joy.

The lyrics express how hard it can be to feel like you have nothing left to live for, and the lines “Everything I’ve been through/You’d think I’d have some answers” express the helplessness of being stuck in a seemingly hopeless cycle. It is an often-overlooked, but powerful anthem for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts.

One Last Breath by Creed.

This song covers a range of complex emotions, from desperation to despair. Lead singer Scott Stapp sings about struggling with suicidal thoughts and offers the listener hope that they can take back control of their life.

The lyrics “I’ll take one last breath and I’ll find a way out” provide comfort during dark times, as does the chorus’s powerful message: “There’s hope in a world of broken dreams.”

The song is about fighting for life no matter how hard it may seem and learning to overcome suicidal thoughts. It also serves as a reminder that there are people who care and want to help us reach a better place in our lives.

Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones.

This classic rock hit was released in 1966 and has since become one of the most recognizable songs in popular music. The song deals with themes of death, suicide, and despair.

The title itself implies a darkening of color or mood, which is often associated with those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Lead singer Mick Jagger’s lyrics ask a series of questions to his lover, ultimately leading the speaker to the conclusion that death is the only way to find peace.

The powerful imagery of “paint it black” and other bleak lyrics create a vivid portrait of life when suicide seems like one’s only choice.

The song has become an anthem for those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, and serves as a reminder of the power of music to heal.

Railroad Boy by Joan Baez.

This song paints a vivid picture of depression and suicide. The protagonist is a nameless young man who lives by the railroad tracks, contemplating his life and longing for someone to take him away from it all.

He has no hope left in life, so he decides to take his own life. This heartbreaking song tells the story of someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, and it reminds listeners that help is available for those who need it.

The song serves as a powerful reminder to reach out and talk to someone if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression.

It also serves as a reminder of the importance of looking out for signs in those around us, so we can give them support before it’s too late.

Save Myself by Ed Sheeran.

This song is a powerful testament to the struggle of mental health, as Sheeran talks about his battle with suicidal thoughts.

He speaks candidly and openly about how his depression almost drove him to take drastic measures, but instead finds strength in himself and decides to “save myself”.

This is an important reminder that we are all capable of overcoming our own struggles and finding solace in ourselves.

The chorus is particularly inspiring, with its message of self-love and hope for the future: “I don’t wanna be somebody who gets stuck in the past / I don’t wanna be somebody always looking back / So when I look ahead it’s with no fear and no dread / I’m gonna save myself instead.”

Save Myself is a powerful song about finding the strength to move past darkness and embrace hope for brighter days ahead.

Stan by Eminem.

The song is a tribute to a fan of Eminem’s who committed suicide. The lyrics tell the story of someone struggling with depression, guilt, and suicidal thoughts. Stan expresses his difficult feelings in the form of a letter to his hero, Eminem.

He begs for help from the rapper but ultimately ends up taking his own life. The song serves as an example of how mental illness can lead to devastating outcomes if left unaddressed.

The song also highlights the need for people to take responsibility for their own mental health and reach out for help when they are struggling.

It is an important reminder that suicide shouldn’t be seen as a solution, but rather one should look for help from friends, family, or a mental health professional.

It also serves as a reminder that everyone can help to prevent suicide by being understanding, supportive, and compassionate towards those who are struggling.

With songs like Stan, artists can bring light to this often overlooked issue and remind us all of the importance of looking out for one another.

Stay Alive by Smile Empty Soul.

This song talks about being in a dark place and feeling like the world is against you. It expresses the desire to numb the pain and urges listeners not to give up or take their own lives as there will come a day when everything will be okay again.

The lyrics of this song offer hope and remind us that no matter how hard things get, it is always worth fighting for.

Suicidal by YNW Melly.

YNW Melly’s lonesome and desperate ballad is a haunting reflection of the feelings that can come with having suicidal thoughts. He sings about wanting to end his life but also how he’s still trying to make it through, as he begs for guidance from God.

The song captures both the darkness and hope that often comes with being in such a state of mind – ultimately, it’s a plea for someone to understand and help him. It’s an incredibly moving song that illuminates the realities of living with suicidal thoughts.

Suicidal Thoughts by The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Suicidal Thoughts” is a somber and honest reflection on Biggie’s innermost struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts.

The song starts off with Biggie talking about his own mortality as he contemplates suicide, singing, “At times I wanna jump off the Brooklyn Bridge/ But then I think about, my kids and my wife.”

The song paints a starkly realistic picture of the inner turmoil that someone is going through when they consider taking their own life. The lyrics are raw and emotionally charged as Biggie speaks of his pain in a way that feels deeply personal and real.

Suicide Is Painless by Johnny Mandel.

This song, written by Mandel for the 1970 movie MASH, paints a picture of suicide as a peaceful alternative to life’s struggles and pain. The lyrics tell of how death can offer an escape from depression, loneliness, and suffering — not only for the person who dies but also those still alive.

It speaks to a kind of liberation that death can bring — freedom from the emotional and physical burdens of life.

The song has become something of an anthem for those struggling with suicidal thoughts, providing comfort to many who feel there is no other way out. It serves as a reminder that although suicide may seem like the only option, it is not the only answer.

Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne.

Released in 1980, this classic metal song was written about Osbourne’s own personal struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. The lyrics tell of a man who is trying to escape his mental anguish but finds no relief.

He turns to alcohol and drugs, which only serve to make matters worse. In the end, he comes to the realization that suicide is not the answer.

The song has become a classic in the rock community and continues to be a source of inspiration for many who struggle with suicidal thoughts.

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey.

This song’s lyrics are a lament of summer lost and the onset of sadness that comes with it. The lyrics describe how the singer wishes she could fly away from her troubles as she stares up at the stars in the night sky.

Summertime Sadness is a powerful reminder that even when days seem brighter and sunnier, we may still be struggling with our inner darkness. Sometimes just knowing that someone else can relate to you can make all the difference and bring hope.

That Year by Brandi Carlile.

This song is about a young woman who struggles with suicidal thoughts. She reflects on the darkness of her mental state and how it can make life hard to bear. The chorus talks about how “that year was a heavy one” as she grapples with depression and contemplates self-harm.

While the song does not provide an easy answer, it offers solace in the idea that you are not alone, and that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

The song speaks to anyone who has dealt with thoughts of suicide and serves as a reminder that even when things seem dark, there is still light somewhere down the road.

That Year is a beautiful reminder of the strength inside us all, and of the importance of seeking help from those who can provide it.

It is a powerful anthem for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts, and serves as a reminder to keep fighting through the darkness.

The Freshmen by The Verve Pipe.

This song is about the struggle of living with suicidal thoughts. It conveys the idea that sometimes life can feel overwhelming and dark, but it’s possible to find a way out of the darkness.

The singer expresses his inner turmoil and confusion while hoping for a brighter tomorrow: “But I guess this is just the way the story goes/You can lift your head up, high/And there you’ll find the rainbow in the sky/It’s gonna be alright.”

The song sends a strong message of hope and resilience. It encourages listeners that no matter how dark things might seem, it’s possible to rise above it and live on.

The Great Escape by P!Nk.

This song was released in 2011 and is about the singer’s struggles with depression. In the chorus, P!Nk sings of wanting to make a great escape from her difficult emotions and her inner turmoil.

She expresses her longing for something better and a desire to be free from the pain she’s feeling. The lyrics are full of despair and heartbreak, but the song also conveys hope and resilience.

P!Nk’s strength and courage to speak up about her struggles with mental health can be an inspiration to others who are struggling with similar issues.

The message of this song is one of hope – that no matter how hard things may seem, it is possible to make a great escape from our struggles and find peace.

Regardless of how dark the night may seem, there is still a chance to make it through to the light. We can all take comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our struggles and that hope is always within reach.

The Last Night by Skillet.

This song is about the thoughts of a suicidal person who has given up on life and is ready to end it all.

The lyrics are incredibly dark and heartbreaking, as it speaks of desperation and loneliness, but also of hope in the form of finding someone who can truly understand you.

The chorus sums up the emotional struggle: “The last night I’m alive, I’m gonna make it right.” The song speaks to the fear of death and how it can be a release from pain and suffering.

This powerful track carries a strong message that suicide is not the answer, but rather understanding and seeking help are important steps towards finding hope and healing.

The Message by Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five.

Released in 1982, this rap song has a strong message about suicide that’s still relevant today. The group rhymes about how life can be difficult and overwhelming, with lyrics like “sometimes I wonder what life is really worth/It’s nothing but pain and sorrow/I see my friends blown away by the shotgun blast/They didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye”.

The song ends with the rappers pleading for kids in poverty-stricken areas to not give up hope, and to make something of their lives instead of resorting to suicide. It serves as an important reminder that everyone’s life is precious and should be valued, no matter how tough times may seem.

The Outsider by A Perfect Circle.

This song is about a person who is struggling with suicidal thoughts, and the overwhelming feeling of being an outsider in society.

The lyrics capture the hopelessness and isolation that come with such dark times, but also offer a glimmer of hope as the narrator finally finds some solace in nature.

The song’s melody is both melancholic and uplifting, mirroring the narrator’s emotional journey.

Ultimately, the lyrics of The Outsider provide comfort to those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, as it acknowledges their struggles while offering hope in a better future.

This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan.

The lyrics of this song tell the story of a person struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression, but ultimately finding hope in music. The chorus of the song echoes this message: “This song saved my life tonight. And I won’t forget who sent me the love to make it alright.”

Simple Plan wrote this song as a reminder that music has the power to bring joy and hope even in dark times.

This song acknowledges that suicidal thoughts can be overwhelming but encourages listeners to stay strong, keep fighting, and find solace in music. It is both a powerful song and an important reminder that suicide is never the answer.

Today by The Smashing Pumpkins.

This song is about the inner struggle of a person trying to fight off suicidal thoughts. The lyrics “I can’t carry on, I don’t wanna stay alive” are powerful reminders of the struggles one can face when struggling with suicidal thoughts.

The chorus offers a moment of hope as it encourages listeners to just “try today” and keep fighting.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan, has discussed in interviews that this song was inspired by a close friend of his who was battling depression and suicidal thoughts.

The lyrics offer an insight into the darkness that can be present during these times while also providing hope for a better future.

Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley And Alison Krauss.

This song is about a man’s struggle with the guilt he feels over driving his wife to suicide. The lyrics tell the story of how he tried to save her but ultimately failed.

The music video depicts him standing alone in a bar, drinking away his pain and regret as images of his late wife flash on screen.

It’s an incredibly powerful song that can help those who are dealing with the same struggles to know that they’re not alone.

The lyrics emphasize the need for understanding and support during this difficult time, saying “If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world to find you if you promise me.”

This is a powerful reminder that someone will always be there for you, no matter how deep the waters get.

You’re Only Human (Second Wind) by Billy Joel.

This song talks about the difficulties of life and how it can sometimes be overwhelming. Joel sings, “But when you think you’ve had too much of this life/ Well hang on, cause everybody’s gonne have trouble/ And everybody’s gonne have strife.”

He reminds us that we are all human and will face hard times, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. He reassures us that these struggles are part of life and encourages listeners to keep going. “You’re only human/And you’re feeling so small/ You can’t find love no matter how you try/ So don’t let it pass you by.”

This is an uplifting reminder that no matter how hard life gets, it’s worth fighting for. Joel reminds us that sometimes all we need is a second wind to push on and get through the tough times.


Music is powerful, and can be an effective tool to help cope with suicidal thoughts. While not everyone will respond the same way, listening to music that deals with the topic of suicide and suicidal thoughts can provide comfort and understanding in a unique way.

There are countless songs out there that touch on this subject matter, so it’s important to find what resonates with you.


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