There’s no doubt that Ryan Bingham is one of the most underrated singer-songwriters in the music industry. With a career spanning over a decade, he has released some of the most emotionally powerful songs ever written. His music tells stories of heartbreak, loss, and redemption that will leave you feeling deeply moved. In this blog post, we will take a look at 30 of his greatest songs that you need to hear!

Who is Ryan Bingham?

Ryan Bingham is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He first gained prominence as the lead vocalist for The Mavericks, a country rock band, in the late 1990s.

In 2010, he released his debut solo album Roadhouse Sun, which became a critical success and earned him Grammy nominations for Best Country Album and Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

He has since released four additional solo albums, all of which have reached the Top 10 on the US Billboard 200. In addition to his solo career, he has collaborated with numerous artists including Dierks Bentley, Alison Krauss, Don Henley, and more.

Bingham is also known for his work as an activist, and he has won multiple awards from the Americana Music Association, including Songwriter of the Year. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife and two children.

In 2017, Bingham was inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame by Willie Nelson. His latest album American Love Song was released in 2019. Bingham continues to tour and has recently performed at the Newport Folk Festival, ACL Music Festival and more.

He is widely praised for his honest lyrics, soulful voice and masterful guitar work. His music draws on classic country, blues, folk and rock influences to create an unforgettable sound that captivates audiences around the world.

Ryan Bingham continues to be a powerful force in the music industry, creating thought-provoking music and inspiring others with his activism and passion for life. His ability to create timeless tunes that speak truth to power is unmatched, making him one of the most important voices in modern music. Ryan Bingham is an artist who will be remembered for generations to come.

Best Ryan Bingham’s Songs

All Choked Up Again.

Ryan Bingham’s All Choked Up Again is a folk-rock ballad with a sound that has been compared to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. The song’s lyrical content captures the feeling of being betrayed by someone close and struggling to cope with it.

The chorus lyrics, “I can feel my heart pumping, it’s all choked up again/I guess I should have known better than to let you in,” perfectly encapsulate the sentiment.

The instrumentation is equally as melancholic and haunting with an acoustic guitar taking center stage while the rest of the band builds a sonic landscape around it.

Bingham’s gravelly vocals add a level of emotion that really brings the song to life. The track closes with an extended instrumental outro showcasing some beautiful guitar work.

All Choked Up Again is an emotionally charged masterpiece from one of America’s greatest singer/songwriters and a must-listen for fans of folk-rock music.


Ryan Bingham’s most popular song, Bluebird is a rock-tinged acoustic ballad that speaks to themes of hope and resilience in the face of life’s hardships.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful and talk about accepting life’s struggles while still hoping for something better: “I ain’t scared no more so dry your eyes and take a breath, only bluebird’s left to sing the song of loneliness.”

It encourages us to stay strong in spite of difficult times and keep looking for that “bluebird” of hope, which will eventually bring joy once again.

Borracho Station.

This song, written by Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett, is a standout track from the newly released “American Love Song” album.

The lyrics explore the idea of being stuck in a life of dead-end jobs and unfulfilling relationships while being unable to find the courage to make a change.

Musically, it’s an upbeat alt-country tune, featuring a punchy electric guitar riff and Bingham’s signature twang. It’s a song that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt stuck in life and longed for something more.

Bread & Water.

This song is about the power of knowledge and understanding. It speaks of how even in difficult times, knowledge can give us hope and a greater understanding of what we’re facing.

The chorus then goes on to emphasize this point, singing “When you don’t know which way to go / Bread & Water will carry you home”.

This is a poignant reminder that knowledge and understanding can help us transcend our struggles, allowing us to move forward in life and find peace. This song speaks to the resilience of the human spirit, and its power to rise above even the toughest situations.

Country Roads.

Written by Ryan Bingham, this song has become a popular classic in the country music genre. A heartfelt love ballad, Country Roads is about coming home to a simpler way of life and cherishing the moments spent with loved ones.

The song begins with an easy-going guitar riff alongside Bingham’s smooth twangy vocals, before picking up the pace with a toe-tapping chorus.

His lyrics are passionate and heartfelt, painting an emotional picture of being surrounded by family and friends in a small town. Country Roads has become a beloved anthem for many fans and continues to be performed live long after its original release.

Dallor A Day.

Ryan Bingham’s song Dallor A Day is a heartfelt, emotional reflection on the struggles of financial insecurity.

The song paints an incredibly vivid picture of the hardships and lack of opportunity that comes with not having enough money to make ends meet, something many people are all too familiar with.

Lyrically, Bingham captures the desperation and hopelessness that comes with poverty, singing “Can’t get ahead, just livin’ hand to mouth/ It’s no way for a man to live his life.”

He also speaks of the determination and resilience of those living paycheck-to-paycheck, as he sings “I get up in the morning before the sun can rise/ break my back just to make a dollar a day.”

He speaks of the need for help from those with means, singing “We need somebody who can help us get by/ Someone who ain’t got their eyes closed and don’t hear no lies”.

Day Is Done.

The title track of Ryan Bingham’s 2008 album. It is a melancholic, folky rock song that reflects the beauty and poignancy of life’s passing moments.

With its acoustic elements, the song captures an intimate feel, with Bingham singing about love, loss and living in the present moment.

This gentle yet powerful tune speaks to the struggles of recognizing what is important in life and letting go of things that aren’t.

The chorus, sung with an emotive intensity, says it all: “Day is done, night has come/And everything I love is gone/But still I keep my head up high/Cause tomorrow might be just as bad or better.”

A perfect song for a reflective moment, Day Is Done is an inspiring reminder to make the most of life’s fleeting moments.

Direction Of The Wind.

Ryan Bingham’s last single “Direction of the Wind” was released in 2018 and is an inspiring song about staying true to yourself, no matter what direction life takes you. The catchy chorus says: “No matter which way the wind may blow, I’m gonna find my way home”.

This song encourages listeners to believe in themselves, to find their own path, and not be swayed by other people’s opinions or expectations.

Bingham’s voice soars above the guitar-driven melody, reminding us that even when life can seem uncertain, we have the power to make our own decisions.

It is a powerful anthem for anyone who wants to take control of their destiny and live life on their own terms. “Direction of the Wind” is a must-have addition to any Ryan Bingham fan’s playlist.

It’s one of his best songs and makes an inspiring statement about making your own destiny. No matter which direction you are heading in, this song will add inspiration and courage!

Don’t Wait For Me.

This heartbreaking ballad is the closing track on Ryan Bingham’s 2009 album Roadhouse Sun. It tells a story of loss and regret, as Bingham sings about missing out on a life with someone he cares deeply for.

The song builds from a soft acoustic beginning to an emotional climax as the singer reflects on how his actions have caused him pain and heartache.

The lyrics are incredibly powerful and speak to anyone who has ever made a mistake in love. With its thought-provoking lyrics and delicate instrumentation, Don’t Wait For Me is one of Ryan Bingham’s most beautiful songs.

Dylan’s Hard Rain.

One of Ryan Bingham’s most beloved songs is the hauntingly beautiful “Hard Rain,” a poignant ballad about a man’s journey through life and the many losses he faces along the way.

The song’s lyrics feature vivid imagery of rolling thunder, pouring rain and endless wanderings, alluding to the struggles in life that can seem never-ending.

The acoustic guitar, harmonica and strings provide a melancholic backdrop to Bingham’s heartfelt vocals as he reflects on his past and present.

With its poetic storytelling, “Hard Rain” has become an anthem for many who have experienced sorrow and heartache in their journeys through life.

Ghost Of Travelin’ Jones.

The album, “Junky Star”. Ryan Bingham’s 2010 release of Junky Star brought a unique blend of country and rock music to the world. His song, “Ghost Of Travelin’ Jones” recounts the story of an aging traveling man looking for something more in life.

With lyrics like, “Searching for a place I can call my own/ No one can tell me I’m ever wrong,” Bingham paints a vivid picture of the revelry and loneliness that come with life on the road. The haunting chorus echoes, “I’m just a ghost of Travelin’ Jones, nobody knows my name.”

As the song progresses, he finds solace in reminiscing about past journeys and the people he has encountered along his way. Bingham’s captivating tale of a weary wanderer speaks to those looking for something more in their lives.

Despite its somber tone, the song remains hopeful, leaving listeners with a sense that one can find what they are looking for if they just have faith and keep searching.


Ryan Bingham’s moving version of Leonard Cohen’s classic song is a testament to his vocal talent as a singer and musician. His powerful, gritty voice creates an emotional atmosphere that takes the listener on an unforgettable journey.

Hallelujah has become one of Bingham’s most beloved songs due to its heartfelt message and captivating melody.

This song is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye and will leave you feeling inspired for days afterwards. Bingham’s passionate delivery of Hallelujah will stay with you forever and make it one of his most unforgettable songs.

Hard Times.

A staple of Ryan Bingham’s catalog, “Hard Times” is a song about resilience and perseverance. It serves as a reminder that even when faced with adversity, life must go on.

With lyrics such as “Gonna keep on pushing forward no matter what comes my way/ Cause I know these hard times won’t last forever” and “So don’t give up, keep your head held high/ You’ll find the sun will come out of the sky,” Bingham offers an inspiring message of hope that things can get better.

The song is propelled forward by a bluesy guitar riff and a steady beat throughout. It has become one of Bingham’s most popular tracks and is a favorite among fans of his upbeat, rootsy music.

Hard Worn Trail.

One of the most popular songs from Ryan Bingham is Hard Worn Trail. The track is from his 2009 album Roadhouse Sun, and it has become a fan favorite for its upbeat tempo and lyrics about hard times on the road.

The song tells an emotional story about a musician’s struggles in life as he experiences highs and lows while touring and performing.

Bingham’s passionate vocals drive the song, as he expresses his hardships and appreciation for being able to make music. He speaks of taking time to enjoy life even in times of struggle and strife, with lines like “When I’m out on that hard worn trail / There’s no telling what I might find” emphasizing his resilience.

Hard Worn Trail is just one of the many songs written by Ryan Bingham that has become a fan favorite, showcasing Bingham’s talent for writing heartfelt and relatable music.

I Don’t Know.

Ryan Bingham’s song “I Don’t Know” is one of his most popular and beloved tracks. Featuring a blend of folk, country, and rock elements, this song is all about having faith despite the unknown.

With lyrics like “The future’s got no tellin’ what it holds/No matter how hard I try, I just don’t know/So many questions with no one’s answer/Sometimes you just got to let it go and move on,” “I Don’t Know” captures the idea of uncertainty in a beautiful and relatable way.

Lay Me Head On The Rail.

This song features Ryan Bingham’s signature blend of folk and country, telling the story of a broken-hearted man in search of solace. Lay Me Head on the Rail is a great example of Bingham’s ability to tell stories through his music that is both personal and universal.

Through the use of vivid imagery, he takes us on a journey of loss, regret and longing. It is an emotional piece that conveys the pain of love lost while also maintaining hope for the future.

Bingham’s songwriting has made him one of the most respected figures in Americana music today, and Lay Me Head on The Rail stands as a testament to why he is so successful.

Long Way From Georgia.

Ryan Bingham’s 2013 album “Tomorrowland” featured the song, “Long Way From Georgia”. This folksy ballad tells a story of a man looking back on his life from childhood to adulthood, and reflecting on the changes that he has seen.

The narrator reflects back on his past, noting how times have changed but how certain things remain the same, including his connection to his home state of Georgia.

Musically, the song is driven by acoustic guitar and banjo, with a slow tempo that helps to convey the emotion of the lyrics.

Bingham’s voice is smooth and emotive as he sings about longing for simpler times and recognizing how far he has come from being a kid in Georgia.

This song is a testament to Bingham’s ability to tell stories with his music, and it showcases his unique style of Americana storytelling. Long Way From Georgia is the perfect way to reflect on one’s past while looking forward with hope for the future.

Nobody Knows My trouble.

This Ryan Bingham song is a heart-wrenching ode to the hidden pains of life. In it, Bingham paints a picture of an individual struggling with inner demons and facing troubles all alone in this world.

Nobody knows what they’re going through—not even their closest friends and family. He speaks of the struggle to keep walking, even when there’s no end in sight.

He emphasizes how easy it is for one to be lost in the noise of life and fade away from those who care about them.

The song leaves listeners feeling a sense of empathy and understanding towards those struggling with their own inner battles, as well as a reminder that nobody can truly ever know another’s troubles.

Roadhouse Sun.

Released in 2005, this song is a fan favorite and tells the story of a road trip taken by Ryan. The song features an up-tempo guitar riff that carries through the entire song, which was recorded with Bingham playing rhythm guitar and harmonica.

The lyrics describe life on the open road, with Bingham singing about being free to roam and explore the world.

There is a sense of longing in this song, with Bingham singing “We don’t have to worry about anything else/ Just have fun, hear those songs ringing out that sweet old bell.” The upbeat tempo and positive lyrics make this one of Ryan Bingham’s most beloved songs.

Self-Righteous Wall.

Ryan Bingham’s most popular song, “Self-Righteous Wall,” is a heartfelt and powerful song about living life to the fullest.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a person fighting against their own fears, doubts and insecurities to try and break free from the “self-righteous wall” that holds them back.

The song is a powerful reminder that life can be lived to the fullest if we are willing to take risks and face our fears. Bingham’s heartfelt delivery of this message makes it a favorite among his fans, and it remains one of his most popular songs.

Southside of Heaven.

The song is a country rock ballad that contains religious overtones. Ryan Bingham wrote the song in 2015 while reflecting on his spiritually-driven life decisions and how they have impacted his relationships with those he loves.

The chorus of the song includes the line “It’s hard to love someone and not believe,” which speaks to both the spiritual struggle of accepting love from another and the courage it takes to live life following one’s own convictions.

Southside of Heaven is an anthem for anyone who has gone against the grain in order to stay true to themselves, despite the risk or consequences that may arise.

The song encourages those who are struggling with their faith or questioning their path in life, reminding them that it’s ok to make decisions that not everyone may agree with but ultimately will bring them a greater sense of peace and joy.

Strange Feelin’ In The Air.

Ryan Bingham’s Strange Feelin’ In The Air is a song that reflects his melancholic musings, centering around the idea of life being too short and the need to appreciate it while we can.

The lyrics express his deep emotions in a poetic way as he sings “Strange feelin’ in the air tonight / There’s an emptiness inside / Time’s runnin’ by too fast, can’t make it last”.

Bingham’s unique blend of country and folk sounds creates a heartfelt atmosphere that invites the listener to reflect on their own life. The song is an uplifting reminder to seize the day and appreciate our brief time here on Earth.


One of Ryan Bingham’s best-known songs and an Academy Award-winning track from the soundtrack to “Crazy Heart”, Sunrise is a melancholic but ultimately uplifting song about perseverance in the face of difficulty.

The imagery of a brand new day, with its promise of hope and renewal, gives the listener strength to carry on.

With its stirring lyrics and catchy melody, Sunrise is a song that has inspired many people to keep going despite life’s challenges. In Bingham’s own words: “Sometimes it takes the darkness of night to see the beauty of the sunrise”.

Take It Easy Mama.

This song is a classic from Ryan Bingham that has been covered by many artists over the years. It’s an upbeat, feel-good tune about taking it easy and not worrying about the little things.

The lyrics echo themes of optimism and peace of mind, urging listeners to practice mindfulness and just enjoy life as it comes.

Musically, it features a bluesy guitar, blues-style piano and a steady beat to carry it along. The song has been covered by the likes of Levon Helm, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson, who all give their own interpretations and add in their own musical flavors.

Tell My Mother I Miss Her So.

This song was released on the soundtrack for Up in the Air, a movie starring George Clooney. It was written and sung by Ryan Bingham and features a hauntingly beautiful melody that captures the emotion of missing someone far away.

The lyrics tell the story of someone who wishes they could tell their mother how much they miss her, but are unable to do so.

The song has a bittersweet sound to it and is sure to tug at the heartstrings of any listener. It is one of Bingham’s most popular songs and has been featured in several films, as well as television shows.

The Other Side.

A song by Ryan Bingham, The Other Side is a track off his third album Roadhouse Sun. It is essentially an ode to winding roads and the journey one takes on them, as well as a commentary on the duality of life.

Bingham romanticizes the idea of taking risks, leaving our comfort zone, and going into the unknown. He sings, “Life’s a journey of many turns/Down dark roads and through the flames/We can go anywhere we choose/But first you gotta break those chains”. The song paints a vivid image of someone on a proverbial road trip, out to explore and take risks.

The Poet.

Ryan Bingham released the song ‘The Poet’ in 2008 and it’s now considered a classic folk rock hit. With its simple instrumentation, folksy guitar riffs, and nostalgic lyrics, “The Poet” is one of his most memorable songs.

Its heartfelt lyrics illustrate the poet’s struggle with loneliness and reflect on the past with a sense of longing.

Bingham’s distinctive vocals add even more depth and emotion to the tune, making it an instant classic. The song has become one of his most beloved hits and continues to be one of his most popular live performances today.

The Wandering.

Ryan Bingham’s fifth album, The Wandering, was released in 2019 and gained critical acclaim. It contains a wide range of genres from country to blues-rock.

The title song “The Wandering” is an upbeat tune about the joys and pains of traveling, with soaring guitars and lyrics to match.

The Weary Kind.

The Weary Kind is a song written by Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett. It was featured in the movie Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Colin Farrell. The song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2010.

The Weary Kind is a slow-paced country-western style ballad. The song tells the story of a relationship between two people and how, despite all the hardship, their love for each other is ultimately what carries them through. The lyrics speak to the endurance and resilience of their relationship as they struggle against life’s obstacles.


Wolves is a song by Ryan Bingham from his album Fear and Saturday Night that was released in 2015. The song reflects on the idea of facing your fears and embracing them, rather than running away from them.

The lyrics are full of powerful imagery as they tell a story of an individual struggling with their innermost fears. As they struggle to accept their fears and look them in the eye, they notice a pack of wild animals which have been following close behind.

The chorus of the song paints a vivid picture of this individual facing off with his fears as he says “I stand here between the wolves and me / I can hear ’em howling at my feet”. The song is full of emotive soundscapes that help to bring the story to life, creating a vivid and evocative atmosphere.

Yesterday’s Blues.

This is one of Ryan Bingham’s most beloved songs. It was originally released in 2008 on his album, Roadhouse Sun. It features a stunning blend of blues, soulful country and rock sounds that seamlessly come together to create a unique sound that has been hailed by fans and critics alike.

The song tells the story of an individual who has lost their way and is struggling to stay afloat in a world that seems to be constantly changing around them.

The haunting guitar chords, Bingham’s passionate vocals, and the imagery of being enveloped in burning flames all contribute to making this song an unforgettable experience.


What is Ryan Bingham’s most famous song?

Ryan Bingham’s most famous song is “The Weary Kind,” which was featured in the film Crazy Heart (2009) and won both an Academy Award for Best Original Song, as well as a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. The song has since become a fan favorite amongst Bingham fans, and is often performed live during his concerts. The Weary Kind is a beautiful, heart-wrenching ballad with inspiring lyrics and heartfelt emotion. It’s a song that speaks to the soul and captures Bingham’s signature sound perfectly.

What song did Ryan Bingham win a Grammy for?

Ryan Bingham won a Grammy Award for Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media in 2010 for his song “The Weary Kind” from the movie Crazy Heart. The song was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Bingham co-wrote the song with T Bone Burnett, who also produced it. The track was featured during the movie’s closing credits and quickly became a fan favorite. It has since been covered by numerous other artists, including Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. Bingham has won other awards for his music as well, including an Academy of Country Music Award in 2009 and an Americana Music Award in 2010.


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