Forming in London back in 1970, it’s fair to say that Queen has made quite a name for themselves. Famous around the world, they are undeniably one of the greatest bands to ever exist for so many reasons. Their popularity is clear from both fan polls and their record sales.


There is no denying that Queen has released a plethora of hit singles. We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, and We Will Rock You being just a few. The band boasts 53 top 40 singles, 6 of which made it to the number 1 spot. Racking up numbers like that is a clear sign of the band’s talent and popularity.

Generational appeal

Unlike other bands and artists, Queen’s music has the ability to bring together a wide range of generations via their music. From lifelong fans who were around since the band formed, to people just getting into music for the first time, Queen albums fit into everyone’s collection.


Despite their history, it doesn’t stop for Queen. Although not all the original members are included, a new tour has recently been announced for North America. For a band to have tour demand from fans over fifty years after they formed, they must have done something right.

Freddie Mercury

Every member of Queen is massively talented and deserves recognition, but Freddie Mercury in particular definitely attributes largely to the band’s success. Lead vocalist for the band, Freddie is synonymous with Queen and was responsible for writing a staggering ten out of the seventeen songs on their greatest hits album.

As well as his song writing skills, Freddie was frequently praised for his showmanship and stage presence. His performance style was widely praised and will go down in history. On top of all of this, Freddie’s vocal range has been commended by fans and professionals alike.

Audience participation

Queen’s music is famous for its ability to not only speak to an audience but also involve them. Songs such as We Will Rock You are perfectly crafted for audience participation and have the clever ability to make audiences really feel the power of the music.

This effect has not worn off with time, with many of Queen’s songs still being chanted in clubs and at sporting events today.


Being innovative within the music industry can be very challenging, but Queen made it appear easy. Although they are largely regarded as a rock band, they certainly weren’t bound to just one genre of music.

You don’t have to look very far to see Queen’s influence throughout the music industry. This alone shows just how highly regarded they are as a band, with artists such as Bowie and Lady Gaga being obvious examples of artists who have taken inspiration from them.


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