Formed around 65’ Grateful Dead is one of the most influential bands of the time. They were significantly popular and one of the most stable groups in America.

They had the most original repertoire in the scene, and they fused many different genres from rock and roll to jazz. Let’s take a look at this phenomenal band’s top 10 songs.

#10. Iko Iko

Originally sung by The Dixie Cups. This great tune has a lovely cover from the Grateful Dead.

#9. Reuben And Cherise

Initially made by Jerry Garcia Band, this fantastic cover from The Grateful Dead brings the ‘60s vibes to the song and makes It more groovy.

#8. Throwing Stones

A cover of the song written by Canadian singer Nikki Yanofsky. This version from The Grateful Dead has a charming bluesy tone.

#7. Foolish Heart

The foolish heart is a very cool song that feels like telling you a children’s story with avant-garde imagery.

#6. Hell In A Bucket

Hell in a Bucket is an up-tempo song, which is a celebration of being single with elements of misogyny. You can also hear the sounds of motorcycles and the dog’s barking.

#5. U.S. Blues

U.S. Blues is as you can guess a blues song, which was a reference to the political scene of ’74. Around that time, the atmosphere was very bleak, and there was a presidential impeachment that made people very nervous.

#4. Deal

The deal is another excellent example of a classic Grateful Dead song. Its lyrics were written by Robert Hunter, a great songwriter. The music was composed by the one and only Jerry Garcia.

#3. Bertha

Another Grateful Dead classic, which never made Its way into the studio, but It was one of the two favorites on the live shows.

#2. He’s Gone

He’s Gone, a son with reference to “Cat on a Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams. It was a lay from ’55 which won a Pulitzer.

#1. Touch Of Grey

Even though the band had many golds and *platinum albums, their singles were never praised and underappreciated, but this one was a game-changer for the group.

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