She was born in ’46. Arizona was her home. She started singing with the group called “Stone Poneys” around the ’60s. Then she got famous with her album “Heart Like a Wheel” in ’74. This perfect American pop/country singer is one and only Linda Ronstadt. Her albums sold more than 90 million worldwide. Let’s see our top 10 list for Ronstadt.

best linda ronstadt songs

#10. Heat Wave

The song has very passionate and fiery lyrics and high tempo music. 

#9. That’ll Be The Day

The song is about a breakup, but the song still has a happy sound to listen to. Many other groups also recorded the song.

#8. Just One Look

Dorris Troy and Gregory Carrol co-wrote the song. This song was first recorded by Troy; however, Ronstadt’s version was also a good hit. 

#7. When Will I Be Loved

One of the best songs that Ronstadt ever covered, her version was also a huge success of the time. The song is about a person who was cheated, mistreated, and hurt, and she asks herself when she will be loved.

#6. Ooh Baby Baby

The song was written by Smokey Robinson and Pete Moore. It is another cover of Ronstadt. It is known that John Lennon was a huge fan of the song. 

#5. Poor Poor Pitiful Me

The lyrics were gender-reversed for Ronstadt to cover this song, and the lyrics were changed to adjust Ronstadt. The song became a hit two times, the first when Warren Zevon sang it and the second time when Ronstadt did. 

#4. It’s So Easy

The song was released by the Crickets in 1958. In 1977 Ronstadt made a cover of it, and the song became a huge hit of the time. 

#3. Blue Bayou

One of the signature songs of Ronstadt, although It is a cover, It fits very well with her voice. 

#2. Hurt So Bad

Ronstadt’s version of this cover is known as the most successful version of the song. The song is about an unanswered love that causes a lot of pain.

#1. You’re No Good

You’re no good is a trademark Linda Ronstadt song. It was written by Clint Ballard. Linda Ronstadt had a huge success with this song climbing the charts. This song was also covered by Van Halen.


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