Alaska is a land of breathtaking beauty, rugged wilderness, and unique culture. Its jaw-dropping scenery has long inspired travelers and poets alike. The majestic landscape and rich history have also been the source of many songs over the years.

From folk to rock, country to rap, there are countless songs about Alaska that capture its awe-inspiring beauty and celebrate its unique character.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular songs about Alaska and what makes them so special. From classic hits to modern anthems, these tunes are sure to transport you to the Last Frontier. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the musical journey!

Alaska by Between The Buried And Me.

This song from the progressive metal band is a fitting musical tribute to the natural beauty of Alaska. The song begins with an acoustic introduction, setting up for the intense and powerful chorus that comes later in the song.

Vocalist Tommy Rogers sings of how majestic and awe-inspiring this land is, expressing his admiration for its vastness and untouched nature. The lyrics, paired with the instrumentation, make this song an epic representation of Alaska and its landscape.

Alaska by Little Hurt.

This indie-folk song paints a picture of the rugged beauty and serenity that Alaska is known for. Singer-songwriter Colton Dearing’s poignant lyrics paint vivid images of his time in the Last Frontier, singing of trails winding through mountains and campsites under starry skies.

The gentle acoustic guitar and dreamy synths blend seamlessly together, creating an ethereal atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of Alaska.

Alaska by Maggie Rogers.

Maggie Rogers’s triumphant pop anthem is a celebration of Alaska and the strength it has given her. With lyrics like, “Oh, I found my power in Alaska,” Rogers conveys her admiration for the wild nature of this land.

The song builds to an uplifting chorus that will undoubtedly have you feeling empowered and inspired. The production of the song captures the grandeur and beauty of Alaska, making it a perfect ode to this majestic state.

Alaska by Pinegrove.

This indie-rock song from Pinegrove is a reflective exploration of the feelings stirred up by this land. Frontman Evan Stephens Hall sings about how his time in Alaska has changed him and opened his eyes to new perspectives on life.

The gentle guitar melodies mesh well with the hushed vocals, creating an intimate atmosphere that draws the listener into Hall’s emotional journey. Alaska is a beautiful and powerful song that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this state.

Alaska and Me by John Denver.

John Denver’s classic folk song about Alaska captures the state’s beauty and stillness in a nostalgic way. The lyrics are simple, yet poignant, as Denver sings of his deep connection to this wild land.

The production on this track is minimalistic but effective, with just an acoustic guitar and some light strings accompanying Denver’s soothing vocals. This song will give you a sense of peace and understanding, making it a perfect tribute to the wonders of Alaska.

Alaska by State Of Alaska.

This folk-rock song is an ode to the beauty and spirit of Alaska. It starts off with a gentle acoustic guitar riff before expanding into an uplifting chorus that swells with emotion.

The instrumentation is bright and energetic, with an emphasis on strings and horns that perfectly conveys the grandeur of this land.

With its powerful lyrics and soaring production, Alaska will have you feeling inspired to explore the Last Frontier.

Alaska Highway by Dan Bern.

This folk-rock song from Dan Bern is a tribute to the beauty of the Alaska Highway. The lyrics tell a story about someone making their way up this iconic road, singing of breathtaking landscapes and moments of solace.

The production is sparse but effective, with just an acoustic guitar and some strings providing accompaniment as Bern croons his tale. Alaska Highway is a timeless classic that will make you long for the open road and the wild expanses of Alaska.

American Child by John Denver.

John Denver’s folk-rock classic is a heartfelt ode to the beauty of Alaska. He sings of the wildness and untamed spirit of this land, expressing his admiration for its natural wonders.

The song starts off with gentle verses that build up to an impassioned chorus, emphasizing Denver’s emotional connection to this place.

American Child is an uplifting song that will make you feel connected to Alaska and its wild beauty.

Fairbanks Alaska by The Front Bottoms.

This indie-rock song from The Front Bottoms is a celebration of the vibrant culture and spirit of Fairbanks, Alaska.

The lyrics tell a story about a night in the town in this city, with the singer reflecting on all the wonderful things they experienced.

The production features an upbeat mix of acoustic guitar and synths, creating an energetic atmosphere that captures the vibrant energy of Fairbanks. This track is a perfect tribute to this northern city and its unique culture.

Far Alaska by Jethro Tull.

The prog-rock legend Jethro Tull takes us on a journey to Far Alaska with this epic track. The lyrics explore the state’s history, culture and natural beauty, as frontman Ian Anderson paints vivid pictures of its majestic landscapes.

The production is lush and expansive, with strings and horns joining in to create an evocative atmosphere. Far Alaska is a captivating song that will take you on an emotional voyage to this wild and wonderful land.

From Alaska To L.A. by Wanda Jackson.

Country legend Wanda Jackson sings of her longing for Alaska in this upbeat track. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has left their home but is still homesick for the wild beauty of Alaska.

With its twangy guitar riffs and soulful vocals, From Alaska To L.A. is an irresistible song that will warm your heart. It’s a beautiful tribute to the beauty of this state and the longing that comes with leaving it behind.

Home to Alaska by Lee Greenwood.

This soaring country-pop anthem from Lee Greenwood is a tribute to the spirit and beauty of Alaska. The song was released in 1984 and quickly became a favorite of listeners all over the world.

Greenwood sings about how he feels like Alaska is home to him, and there’s something special about its mountains, rivers, and valleys that can’t be found anywhere else.

He also reflects on the sense of community and belonging that comes from living among such breathtaking natural wonders. With its driving beat and soaring melodies, Home to Alaska is a classic ode to the Last Frontier.

I’ll See Alaska by Black Irish Band.

This sentimental folk-rock ballad from Black Irish Band is a paean to the wonders of Alaska and its people.

Featuring lush strings and an acoustic guitar-driven melody, I’ll See Alaska celebrates all that the state has to offer.

The narrator sings about how he plans on seeing it all someday, from the majestic mountains to the sparkling northern lights.

He also pledges to share his memories with those he loves, so that they can experience the beauty and splendor of Alaska as he has been able to.

North To Alaska by Johnny Horton.

This classic country tune from Johnny Horton is a rollicking celebration of the gold rush days in Alaska. Originally released in 1960, North To Alaska tells the tale of two adventurous prospectors who journey to find their fortune in the wilds of Alaska.

Featuring raucous steel guitar and some catchy yodeling, the song quickly became a hit and is now considered a classic.

The song paints a vivid picture of the adventure, danger, and excitement of life in the Klondike, making it an enduring tribute to Alaska’s past.

Road to Alaska by the Bee Gees.

One of the Bee Gees’ most beloved songs, this gentle folk-pop ballad paints a romantic picture of life in Alaska. The song celebrates the wild beauty and sense of freedom that comes with living in a faraway place.

The narrator speaks fondly of his time spent exploring Alaska’s rugged frontiers, and how he found a new appreciation for the simple things in life by doing so. With its gentle acoustic guitars and plaintive vocal, Road to Alaska is a beautiful tribute to the Last Frontier.

Talkin’ Goin’ to Alaska Blues by Shawn Mullins.

This bluesy folk-rock offering from Shawn Mullins is a heartfelt reflection on the difficult journey of life in Alaska.

The song speaks to the isolation and loneliness that comes with living away from home, but also celebrates the exhilaration of embarking on an unknown path.

With its soulful guitar riffs and emotive lyrics, Talkin’ Goin’ to Alaska Blues is a powerful and moving tribute to the state.

The Alaska Song (Under The Midnight Sun) by Lacy J. Dalton.

This 1980 hit tells the story of a woman’s longing for her home in Alaska and paints a beautiful picture of life beneath the midnight sun.

Written by American singer-songwriter Lacy J. Dalton, this classic song speaks to anyone who has ever felt homesick or longed for the beauty of nature found only in The Last Frontier.

There’s No Penguins In Alaska by Chiodos.

This sardonic indie rock song features funny lyrics about the false perceptions people have about Alaska.

It was released in 2005 on their album All’s Well That Ends Well and is a good choice for anyone looking for a more comical take on Alaskan culture.

To the Wild Country by John Denver.

This song captures the beauty of Alaska and its wonders. The lyrics capture the awe and serenity of traveling through the vast expanses of Alaska, with lines like “From mountains high to valleys low, I’m going where I want to go” emphasizing a sense of freedom and exploration of the wilds.

The chorus calls out how special Alaska is, with the line “To the wild country, my Alaska land” emphasizing a deep connection to this beautiful state. The song is an anthem for those who have experienced Alaska and its breathtaking landscapes.

When It’s Springtime In Alaska (It’s Forty Below) by Johnny Horton.

This classic song captures the unique climate of Alaska, with its warm summers and frigid winters.

The narrator pines for the days of summer, dreaming about lakeside picnics and ice cream cones, contrasted with the harsh reality of winter in Alaska where temperatures often dip below zero.

Despite that, he still loves his home state of Alaska and all that it offers. With its simple but catchy tune and vivid imagery, this song has become a beloved ode to Alaska’s extreme climate.

Zero Degrees in Alaska by Pino.

This song is a tribute to all of the hardy, resilient people of Alaska who manage to survive in such a cold and unforgiving climate.

Pino sings about how they bravely stay in their homes despite temperatures that drop “down to zero degrees” and the bitter winds that rip through the streets.

He celebrates them for staying strong and optimistic despite the harsh conditions, and this song is a perfect homage to their courage and strength.

Going Up to Alaska by John Denver.

John Denver closes out this list with a beautiful folk-rock classic about his journey to Alaska. This song starts off with gentle verses that capture the joy of discovery, before building up to an uplifting chorus that celebrates the beauty of this wild land.

The production is light and airy, featuring only an acoustic guitar and some strings. Going Up to Alaska is an inspiring song that will make you feel the beauty and spirit of this great state.



The songs about Alaska provide a powerful window into this unique state and its distinct culture. Whether it’s an ode to the climate, a celebration of the brave people that inhabit it, or simply a tribute to its beauty, these songs capture everything that makes Alaska so special. No matter where you are from, these songs will bring some of Alaska’s spirit into your life.


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