Can you imagine a wedding without any music? Of course, not! It will be the most boring wedding of the century.

Now we want you to picture this – in every phase of your wedding ceremony, you have decided to play some memorable songs that are a part of your culture. Your guests look happy to hear them, as they can groove along and dance to these familiar melodies. Sounds fun, right?

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of any wedding. Whether the culture of both spouses-to-be is the same or different, you must know how to blend the cultures and genres in wedding music so that everyone can have fun and feel connected to their culture and long-loved traditions.

You can create your own playlist or help the hired musicians organize one for you that will help set the ambiance for your big day. Our guide can help you along the way so that you can pick the right songs for your wedding while keeping your culture in mind.

Have a Pre-wedding Date to Find Songs

blend music in wedding

Won’t it be great if you could buy a little bit of time to spend with your partner before stepping into a new chapter of life?

Try to find some spare time before the wedding rush kicks in, and use it to do some research together so that you can find the songs that connected you two during different stages of your relationship.

You can each bring a list of songs to the table and then decide on what to keep and what to discard.

If you want to bring a third or fourth pair of ears into the mix, you can bring in important people like a sibling, the maid of honor, or the best man. This might help bring in more suggestions in case you are stuck.

If there are songs that you or your partner dislike or find cringe-worthy, you should also put them on a list and give them to your wedding musicians so that they can avoid these songs.

Opt for songs that put a smile on your face and don’t trigger bad memories from the past. Stick to happy and upbeat songs or romantic ballads so that it becomes a celebration of your love and your culture.

Talk to the DJ or Musicians

Although the musicians you’ll hire will ultimately mix and play the songs, the “must-play” song list must come from you.

Just as you have selected the theme or decor of your wedding venue, you need to select a few genres or specific songs that the wedding musicians can get creative with.

Whether you hire a wedding DJ or a band, you need to share with them things like your thoughts on your culture and origin so that you can discuss possible genres that you want to be played at your wedding.

Discussions with your hired musicians can help them understand what you want so that they can find the right materials and how to organize them in the right order, which takes us to the next step.

Try Fusion Songs Between Your Cultures

A wonderful way to blend culture and genre in wedding music is to find songs that are actually there without a need for remix. For example, if you and your partner are of Indian and Mexican origin, you can listen to a few albums by Santana.

He was a Mexican-born guitarist but was heavily influenced by Indian ragas, and his fusion will be mesmerizing for slow-paced dinner-time background music or even for an upbeat party ambiance. Ask your DJ to find out the existing fusion in the music industry between your cultures.

Mixing the Track Accordingly

If you are mixing the songs by yourself, make sure to have a constant flow of the two cultures with similar tempo, rhythm, and melody. You can take a look at a few movies related to weddings for suggestions to mirror the wedding vibe of your culture. 

When you are mixing party songs for the wedding, make sure you have songs of both you and your partner’s culture so that nobody feels left out and can find their place on the dance floor.

For example, for a Latina bride and English groom’s party song, you can start with salsa music or a song like ‘Bailando’ by Enrique, followed by ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5, and after that, maybe a sensational bachata track.

Keep It Simple and Romantic

Wedding tracks are not only about the dance floor; you need music for every part of the ceremony. Above all, for every phase, make sure you are choosing songs that are considered romantic and are about love.

This is why hiring a professional is crucial, as the right music can set the mood or ruin it. A pro should be able to set the stage as the moment requires, whether to invite the guests to the dance floor or to cater to special events like father-daughter dance, first dance, etc.

For example, a seasoned professional can pick the right recessional song for your wedding, even if you don’t pick one out. Something like a recessional song is super important as it is like the official commencement of a new chapter for the newlywed bride and groom after saying their vows.

Your hired musician needs to read the room and play the music that goes with the vibe. You can rest assured because they will not play dance music when you are walking down the aisle!


Weddings are always hectic, with hundreds of arrangements to make, whether it’s food, decor, or music. That’s why it is important to consider hiring the best DJ or wedding music band in town who knows how to blend the cultures and genres in wedding music.

Every bride and groom-to-be wishes that each one of their guests can enjoy the music and stay entertained throughout the event.


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