Purchasing a new MP3 player takes meticulous research to find the best MP3 player for music and videos. This requires comparing features and recommended models.

When searching for a MP3 player, there are several attributes to consider. One of these is that MP3 players come in a variety of memory storage capacities for music and videos. The best option is to buy one with as much memory as possible.

As an example: one minute of MP3 music is equal to 1 MB of storage. So 128 MB of storage is equal to approximately 2 hours of music. The more memory the MP3 player has the more music it can store for many hours of listening pleasure.

MP3 video storage capacity can be determined by the number of MBs of the video.

Comparing MP3 Players

After selecting a couple of possible choices, visit a store and check out these choices. Although MP3 players play music and video, no 2 models are equal in capabilities or design.

When checking out an MP3 player, hold it and play with the buttons. Here are a few additional things to look for in a MP3 player to ensure the best one is chosen:

  • As the controls are played with, how do they feel?
  • Are the controls easy to use?
  • How does the weight feel?
  • Does it come with a convenient and easy to use strap?
  • What is the estimated life of the battery (short battery life equals limited use and disappointment)?
  • Can the battery be charged through a computer or does it need to be plugged into an electrical outlet?
  • What other features does the MP3 player have?

Other options for MP3 players include:

  • FM radio receiver
  • Recording FM radio
  • Displaying the song title and artist
  • LCD touch screens
  • Alarm clocks
  • Flash video games
  • Voice recorder

Other Features of New MP3 Players

Make sure the MP3 player is compatible with the computer it will be connected to for downloads. For example, some models will not work with a Macintosh computer.

Purchase a MP3 player which has a FireWire or USB connection for the computer. Do not select an MP3 player with a parallel connection, because the transfer speed is way too slow.

Do not forget headphones, they are like speakers for a stereo system. Poor quality headphones equals poor quality listening.

Best MP3 Players

The following MP3 players are the recommended best in their category as determined by various consumer research websites:

  • Best Overall – Apple iPod Nano with 8 GB of music and video storage. It has a 2 inch LCD screen; however it needs the latest version of iTunes to work properly. Some older computers are not compatible with the newest iTunes version.
  • Best Value – Creative Zen V Plus with 4 GB of music and video storage. It has a 1.5 inch LCD screen. It has good sound quality and good battery life.
  • Most Features – iRiver Clix with 8 GB of music and video storage. It is windows based only and has a 2.2 inch LCD Touch Screen. Also it has 20 hours of battery life, FM receiver, voice recorder, alarm clock, and a flash video player.

Making a MP3 choice can be difficult and research is needed. All features and considerations are important. Because when a purchase is finally made, it is difficult to live with the disappointment of a less than perfect selection.

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