Keb’ Mo’, an iconic American blues musician and guitarist, has made a significant mark in the world of music not only with his soulful songs but also through his choice of instruments.

His sound, which is a blend of Delta blues and more contemporary tones, owes much to the guitars he plays.

A particular favorite of Keb’ Mo’ has been the Epiphone Bluesmaster, a guitar that unfortunately was stolen from him. His connection with this guitar model was so strong that when Gibson approached him to create a signature model, he used the Bluesmaster as his inspiration.

Over the years, Keb’ Mo’ has been seen playing various guitars, but the Gibson Keb’ Mo’ Signature Acoustic Guitar stands out as his guitar of choice for delivering his bluesy riffs and smooth melodies.

This particular model is based on the specifications of his beloved Bluesmaster, showcasing his preference for acoustic guitars that produce a clean and resonant sound, suitable for his style of play.

Despite the loss of his original Epiphone, Keb’ Mo’ continues to captivate audiences with his masterful guitar work and evocative performances, proving that his talent is complemented by his taste in instruments.

kind of guitar does keb mo use

Key Takeaways

  • Keb’ Mo’ favors the Gibson Keb’ Mo’ Signature Acoustic Guitar, reminiscent of his lost Epiphone Bluesmaster.
  • His guitars contribute significantly to his unique blend of Delta blues and modern sounds.
  • Despite setbacks like the theft of his cherished guitar, Keb’ Mo’ remains a respected figure in American blues music.

Early Life and Career

Kevin Roosevelt Moore, known professionally as Keb’ Mo’, has his roots steeped in the rich musical heritage of the South, where the Delta and Country Blues genres are integral to the fabric of American music history.

Compton, California Origins

Raised in Compton, California, Keb’ Mo’ absorbed the sounds and stories of his parents’ Louisiana and Texas backgrounds, forming a foundation for his deep connection with music. From a young age, he showed a profound aptitude for music, learning to play the guitar and becoming an accomplished guitarist as a teenager.

Musical Influences

Keb’ Mo’ was heavily influenced by the Delta Blues and Country Blues traditions, with his early exposure to these genres shaping his musical style. These influences were further solidified by the gospel music that surrounded him during his upbringing, fostering an authentic blues sound that pays homage to the past while forging its contemporary path.

Keb’ Mo’s Musical Style

Keb’ Mo’ expertly blends a tapestry of American music traditions, creating a sound that is both unique and influential. His style is a sophisticated fusion, showcasing an intimate understanding of various genres.

Incorporating Genres

Keb’ Mo’ has a reputation for seamlessly integrating a mix of genres into his music. He is predominantly recognized as a blues musician, with a foundation deeply rooted in Delta blues. But his work goes beyond traditional blues and incorporates elements of jazz, Americana, and R&B.

This eclectic mix results in a sound that honors traditional blues while also bringing in contemporary and accessible elements from related musical landscapes such as rock and pop.

Vocal Techniques

His vocal techniques are as diverse as his musical influences. Keb’ Mo’s voice can shift from a gentle whisper to a gritty blues shout, adapting to the various genres he explores. He employs an expressive range that complements the instrumental background of his work.

When performing a traditional blues number, his vocals might take on a solemn, emotional tone, whereas a more pop-inflected tune would showcase his clean, articulate vocal delivery.

Guitars and Gear

Keb’ Mo’s music is a testament to his diverse choice of guitars and gear, which has shaped his distinct blues sound. He has an impeccable range of acoustic and electric guitars and has even collaborated with leading manufacturers to create his signature models.

Acoustic Guitars

Keb’ Mo’ has expressed his preference for acoustic guitars such as the Gibson and Martin 00-18, which are known for their rich, resonant sound. A significant part of his acoustic collection was the Epiphone Bluesmaster, a guitar he cherished enough to inspire a signature model after it was stolen.

In his pursuit of authentic blues tones, he has also played the National Reso Rocket, revered for its distinctive resonator properties.

Electric Guitars

Transitioning to electric guitars, Keb’ Mo’ utilizes a variety of models to produce his signature blues sound. Guitars like the Fender Stratocaster and the Gretsch G5620T-CB Electromatic have been part of his arsenal, offering a blend of versatility and classic tone.

Additionally, high-quality guitars such as the Suhr Strat, Hamer Monaco, and the Hamer Monaco III add to the depth of his electric guitar sounds.

Signature Models

His collaboration with manufacturers has led to the creation of Keb’ Mo’ signature models. These guitars are based on his favorites, like the lost Epiphone Bluesmaster. The Keb’ Mo’ Signature Gibson acoustic guitar emerged from this partnership, reflecting his specific needs and stylistic choices.

Amplifiers and Effects

In terms of amplification, Keb’ Mo’ leans towards classic, reliable equipment such as the Fender Deluxe Blackface Reissue, notable for its pristine cleans and warm overdrive.

For more versatility, he incorporates amps like the Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo and the Egnater Rebel 30, which offer a range of tones suitable for both studio recordings and live performances. His selection of effects is minimalist, opting for quality over quantity to enhance but never overshadow his guitar’s natural tones.

Notable Albums and Songs

Keb’ Mo’ has a rich discography that spans several critically acclaimed albums, notable for their impact on the blues genre and recognition within the music industry—most evident in his multiple Grammy Awards.

Breakthrough Releases

One of his early breakthrough albums is the self-titled “Keb’ Mo'”, which solidified his place in the blues music scene. This pivotal album features a blend of Delta blues and more contemporary sounds, and it laid the groundwork for a career that spans decades.

Following albums like “Just Like You,” Keb’ Mo’ continued to build his reputation, earning him Grammy Awards and a loyal following.

Latest Album

His more recent work includes the album “The Reflection,” which was released to critical acclaim. With this album, Keb’ Mo’ continues to push the boundaries of the blues genre, incorporating soul and R&B elements.

“The Reflection” is not just an exploration of sound, but also a testament to his evolution as an artist. In terms of his record label, Keb’ Mo’ has worked with various labels throughout his career but remains a respected and celebrated figure in the blues community for his unique blend of traditional and contemporary influences.

Awards and Recognition

Keb’ Mo’, whose real name is Kevin Roosevelt Moore, has solidified his status in the music world through his soulful blend of blues and Americana. He has been honored with several awards throughout his illustrious career.

Most notably, he is an eight-time Grammy Award winner, a testament to his talent and influence in his genre. His mastery of the blues, along with his storytelling ability through music, have made him a celebrated artist globally.

The musician’s proficiency in the Americana genre is particularly recognized in his album titled TajMo. The collaborative effort with fellow musician Taj Mahal earned them a Grammy Award for Best Americana Album in 2018. The album is a vibrant testament to Keb’ Mo’s versatility and his ability to transcend traditional blues.

Here’s a snapshot of Keb’ Mo’s Grammy achievements:

  • Best Contemporary Blues Album:

    • Just Like You (1997)
    • Slow Down (1999)
    • Keep It Simple (2005)
    • TajMo (2018)
  • Best Americana Album:

    • TajMo (2018)

Keb’ Mo’s accolades speak to his enduring legacy and his role as a purveyor of both blues and Americana music. The acknowledgment from the Recording Academy underscores his commitment to his craft and his exceptional contribution to the music industry.

Collaborations and Performances

Keb’ Mo’ is renowned for his extensive collaborations with other artists and his electrifying live performances. He has shared the stage and studio with a variety of musicians across genres, enhancing his blues roots with diverse influences.

Musical Collaborations

Keb’ Mo’ has notably collaborated with Taj Mahal, one of the defining figures in blues music. Their partnership is highlighted in performances and the joint album ‘TajMo’, which won the Best Contemporary Blues Album award at the Grammys.

He has also worked with country artist Vince Gill, slide guitarist Robert Randolph, and jazz saxophonist Dave Koz, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

  • Taj Mahal – Grammy-winning collaborations.
  • Vince Gill – Cross-genre work, blending blues with country.
  • Robert Randolph – Guitar-focused collaborations.
  • Dave Koz – Jazz and blues fusion projects.

Live Performances

His live performances often feature these collaborations, bringing a unique blend of sounds to the stage. For instance, Keb’ Mo’s evolution as an acoustic player captures audiences with its sincere and soulful expression.

The presence of prolific artists like Vince Gill and Robert Randolph in live settings further enriches the experience, as they bring their distinct styles to Keb’ Mo’s blues foundation.

  • Taj Mahal – Entwined performances, often leaving audiences spellbound.
  • Vince Gill, Robert Randolph, Dave Koz – Guest appearances creating memorable shows.

Musical Instruments Beyond the Guitar

In addition to his renowned skill on the guitar, Keb’ Mo’ also incorporates various other string instruments into his music, adding depth and texture to his sound.

Other String Instruments

Bass: In a band setting, the bass guitar provides the musical backbone, contributing to the rhythm and harmony. While there aren’t specific details on Keb’ Mo’ using the bass, it is a staple in blues and therefore an integral part of the ensemble in many of his performances.

Banjo: The banjo, with its distinctive twang, is another string instrument that adds a unique timbre to a musician’s arsenal. Its incorporation into blues music can add a layer of rustic authenticity and rhythmic drive.

Mandolin: The mandolin, with its bright, percussive sound, is less common in blues than in other genres like bluegrass or folk. Nevertheless, a musician of Keb’ Mo’s calibre may use it to add a different sonic flavor or to experiment with traditional blues boundaries.

Keb’ Mo’ Off-Stage

Keb’ Mo’, a multiple Grammy Award-winning artist, leads a life beyond his celebrated work as a blues musician. Residing in Nashville, Tennessee, he embraces the vibrant culture and the storied history of music that the city is famous for.

Nashville, often deemed the Music City, has been a fitting home for artists like Keb’ Mo’, fostering an environment rich in creative inspiration and musical innovation.

Nashville’s Influence

  • Vibrant music scene
  • Cultural diversity
  • Artistic community

Away from the limelight, Keb’ Mo’s daily life in Tennessee reflects his down-to-earth personality and laid-back lifestyle. Embodying the essence of the blues not just in his music but in his approach to life, he integrates the simplicity and authenticity synonymous with the genre.

Personal Pursuits

  • Engaging with the local community
  • Participating in cultural events
  • Enjoying Tennessee’s natural beauty

As an established figure in the music industry, Keb’ Mo’ has the opportunity to influence the next generation of artists. His involvement in music education and charity work shows a commitment to giving back to the community that fuels his creativity.

The guitars Keb’ Mo’ chooses off-stage are often reflective of his need for versatility and practicality. Even though he has access to a variety of vintage and modern instruments, his preference leans toward guitars that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. He believes in the value of instruments being played and enjoyed, rather than being mere collectibles.

Guitar Preferences

  • Practical and playable instruments
  • Variety over vintage exclusivity
  • Functional aesthetics

In Nashville, Keb’ Mo’ lives life at a pace that allows him to savor each moment, drawing inspiration from his surroundings and channeling it into his music and beyond.

Influence and Legacy

Keb’ Mo’, born Kevin Roosevelt Moore, stands as a bridge between the Delta bluesmen of the early 20th century and the wide array of styles that comprise contemporary blues. His artistry echoes the profound impact of figures like Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy.

Johnson’s haunting, emotional delivery and Broonzy’s narrative-driven lyrics can be discerned in Keb’ Mo’s songs, reflecting the enduring nature of these blues legends.

While Keb’ Mo’ honors the roots of the blues, he infuses his music with a modern sensibility that makes it accessible to a broader audience. His innovations have helped to maintain the relevance of the blues in today’s music scene.

At the core of his influence is his choice of the guitar, which acts as a vessel for his storytelling. His preferred instruments include his heavily customized Gibson signature guitar, which has a lineage tracing back to his fondness for the Epiphone Bluesmaster.

Keb’ Mo’s impact extends beyond his instrument, as he has earned a reputation for his collaborations, mentoring, and passionate dedication to the evolution of the blues genre. His work ensures that the legacy of foundational blues artists continues to resonate within contemporary blues and across musical boundaries. He celebrates the past while continuously crafting a legacy that inspires both current and future generations of musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we explore some of the most intriguing queries about the guitars that Keb’ Mo’, a renowned American blues artist and multiple Grammy Award winner, prefers and plays. Each question sheds light on a different aspect of his guitar selection and playing style.

Which Gibson guitar model is known as the Keb’ Mo’ Bluesmaster?

The Keb’ Mo’ Bluesmaster is a signature Gibson model based on an old Epiphone Bluesmaster that Keb’ Mo’ once owned. This guitar pays homage to the traditional blues sound that is synonymous with Keb’ Mo’s music.

How does the Gibson Keb’ Mo’ 3.0 12-fret J-45 differ from standard J-45s?

The Gibson Keb’ Mo’ 3.0 12-fret J-45 boasts unique specifications compared to standard J-45s, including a wider neck, a thermally aged Adirondack red spruce top, and a 12-fret-to-body design, which offers a distinct tonal quality.

What are the distinctive features of the Keb’ Mo’ 3.0 Artist Model guitar?

The Keb’ Mo’ 3.0 Artist Model guitar is known for its custom features such as the bluesman’s preferred neck profile, mother-of-pearl headstock inlay, and an L.R. Baggs VTC pickup for superior acoustic-electric performance.

Can you compare the sound and playability of Keb’ Mo’s steel guitar with his other guitars?

Keb’ Mo’s steel guitar produces a resonant, bright sound with a distinct metallic twang which stands in contrast to the warmer, mellower tones of his other acoustic guitars, making it a standout in his collection for certain blues and folk styles.

What type of resonator guitar is preferred by Keb’ Mo’ for his music performances?

Keb’ Mo’ often uses a resonator guitar, particularly for its sharp, cutting tone that complements his bluesy style. Although specific model preferences may vary, a resonator guitar remains an iconic choice for his performances.

What are some notable guitars used by renowned blues artists like Taj Mahal?

Taj Mahal, a fellow blues legend and collaborator with Keb’ Mo’, is known for playing a variety of guitars, including the resonator guitar, which adds a unique texture and flavor to his traditional blues sound, similar to Keb’ Mo’.


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