311 rock band
American rock band
Origin: Omaha, Nebraska, United States (1988)
Members: Nick Hexum, S.A. Martinez, P-Nut, Tim Mahoney, Chad Sexton

311 is an American rock band originally from Omaha. The group was formed in 1988 by Nick Hexum, Jim Watson, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills, and Chad Sexton. The band name is pronounced as three eleven. The band has been in the music industry from 1988 to date and has over thirty released albums.

The band is associated with record labels such as Volcano, Maple Music, BMG, Capricorn, and ATO.

What was 311 biggest hit?

Three eleven’s best and greatest hit was Down. “Down” was the first song on their third album.

Down was the first single track to be included or appear in the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart in the U.S. This song, together with the album it was released in, is mainly responsible for catapulting them in the mainstream alternative rock world.

Because Down received a lot of acclaim and attention across the country, the band decided to include it on their album, “Live” wand also on their album “Greatest Hits 93-03” which featured all their greatest hits.

The song is almost ever played in their concerts, especially during the opening hours of their shows. Primarily the band dedicates the song to all old school fans of 311 who have seen them through their good and bad times.

The song was, however, marked as inappropriate by Clear Channel, a music distributing company after September 11, 2001, attacks on American soil. Nonetheless, Down continues to be famous amongst punk heads and game lovers. The song is featured in video games like BMX XXX, and Major League Baseball 2k7.

What kind of music is 311?

311 primarily produces alternative rock music. But a close listen to their songs will show their tunes and lyrics are a blend of classic rock, funk hip hop, pop, and even reggae.

Some of the classifications of music that 311 has produced over the years other than alternative rock are reggae rock, funk rock, post-grunge, nu-metal, and rap metal.

What does 311 mean?

The name three eleven or 311 comes from the law enforcement code for indecent public exposure.
The band chose the name 311 after one of the founding band members, Jim Watson, was arrested by police for streaking in public.

How much is 311 worth?

As a group, it is not easy to estimate the net worth of 311. However, some of the lead musicians and songwriters in the group, Nick Hexum is worth over $25 million. Aaron “P-Nut” Wills another member is worth between one hundred thousand and one million dollars.

Tim Mahoney, according to 2018 sources, was worth over $8 million. Chad Sexton is worth about $1.2 million, and Doug “SA” Martinez, the newest member of the group, was worth over $4 million in 2018.

Chad Sexton, another member of the group, is worth between one million-five million dollars.

12 best 311 songs

The rock band 311 as very many songs but below is a sample of 12 of their best tracks:

#1. Down

#2. Beautiful disaster

#3. Come original

#4. All Mixed-up

#5. Flowing

#6. Do You Right

#7. 8:16 A.M.

#8. Homebrew

#9. Don’t Stay Home

#10. Amber

#11. Omaha Style

#12. Stealing Happy Hours


Song Album
The Night Is Young Mosaic
Places That the Mind Goes Mosaic
Extension Mosaic
Wildfire Mosaic
Syntax Error Mosaic
Face in the Wind Mosaic
On a Roll Mosaic
Too Late Mosaic
‘Til the City’s on Fire Mosaic
Too Much to Think Mosaic
Inside Our Home Mosaic
One and the Same Mosaic
Days of ’88 Mosaic
Hey Yo Mosaic
Perfect Mistake Mosaic
Island Sun Mosaic
Forever Now Mosaic


Song Album
Track 16/Hidden Track
Ebb and Flow 
Make it Rough
Made in the Shade
Simple True 
The Call 
Boom Shanky Transmission (Ralston Remix) 
Stereolithic (311 Day edition)
First Dimension
Revelation of the Year
Sand Dollars (Skins Remix)
Stereolithic (311 Day edition)
Friday Afternoon
Made in the Shade Voyager (Ralston Remix) 
Stereolithic (311 Day edition)
Vape’n Away
Stereolithic (311 Day edition)
The Great Divide
Five of Everything
Sand Dollars
Boom Shanka
Existential Hero Stereolithic


Song Album
Wild Nights Universal Pulse
Count Me In Universal Pulse
And a Ways to Go Universal Pulse
Time Bomb Universal Pulse
Rock On Universal Pulse
Trouble Universal Pulse
Weightless Universal Pulse
Sunset in July Universal Pulse


Song Album
India Ink
How Long Has It Been
Uplifter (iTunes Edition)
Daisy Cutter
Too Much Too Fast
My Heart Sings
Golden Sunlight
Something Out of Nothing
Get Down
Uplifter (Deluxe Edition)
Hey You
Never Ending Summer
Two Drops In the Ocean
It’s Alright
I Like the Way
Uplifter (Deluxe Edition)
Sun Come Through
Uplifter (Amazon Edition)
Mix It Up Uplifter


Song Album
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Don’t Tread On Me
Little Brother 
Don’t Tread On Me (Japanese Import/iTunes Edition)
Don’t Tread on Me
Don’t Tread On Me
Long for the Flowers
Don’t Tread On Me
It’s Getting OK Now
Don’t Tread On Me
Getting Through to Her 
Don’t Tread On Me
Whiskey & Wine
Don’t Tread On Me
Speak Easy
Don’t Tread On Me
Nix Hex (Live at Red Rocks)
Red Rocks Live: Carved In Stone – Volume 3
Don’t Tread On Me
There’s Always an Excuse
Don’t Tread On Me
Solar Flare 
Don’t Tread On Me
Frolic Room (Puig Mix) 
Frolic Room – Single
Frolic Room Don’t Tread On Me


Song Album
Love Song 50 First Dates: Motion Picture Soundtrack
How Do You Feel? Greatest Hits ’93-’03
Love Song (Alone With You Trance Mix) Love Song (Remixes) – Single
Love Song (Cirrus Club Mix) Love Song (Remixes) – Single
First Straw Greatest Hits ’93-’03


Song Album
Creatures (For a While) Evolver
Reconsider Everything Evolver
Crack the Code Evolver
Same Mistake Twice Evolver
Beyond the Gray Sky Evolver
Seems Uncertain Evolver
Still Dreaming Evolver
Give Me a Call Evolver
Don’t Dwell Evolver
Other Side of Things Evolver
Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm Evolver
Coda (hidden track) Evolver
What Do You Do? Evolver (Japanese Import)
Time Is Precious 311.com (Official Download)


Song Album
Will the World Enlarged to Show Detail 2
Dancehall Enlarged to Show Detail 2
Bomb the Town Enlarged to Show Detail 2
From Chaos From Chaos
You Get Worked From Chaos
I’ll Be Here Awhile (Breakbeat Remix) I’ll Be Here Awhile (European Import) – Single
Amber From Chaos
Dreamland Enlarged to Show Detail 2
Full Ride From Chaos
Hostile Apostle From Chaos
I’ll Be Here Awhile From Chaos
Uncalm From Chaos
I Told Myself From Chaos
Champagne From Chaos
Wake Your Mind Up From Chaos
You Wouldn’t Believe From Chaos
Sick Tight From Chaos
I’ll Be Here Awhile (Acoustic) Enlarged to Show Detail 2
We Do it Like This Enlarged to Show Detail 2


Song Album
Beautiful Disaster (Live at Metro) Q101 Live 101 Vol. 2


Song Album
Leaving Babylon Soundsystem
Flowing Soundsystem
Come Original Soundsystem
Livin’ & Rockin’ Soundsystem
Strong All Along Soundsystem
Freeze Time Soundsystem
Eons Soundsystem
Sever Soundsystem
Mindspin Soundsystem
Large in the Margin Soundsystem
Life’s Not a Race Soundsystem
Blizza Soundsystem (Japanese Import)
Evolution Soundsystem
Can’t Fade Me Soundsystem
White Man In Hammersmith Palais Burning London: The Clash Tribute


Song Album
Damn Omaha Sessions
This Too Shall Pass (New Mix) Omaha Sessions
Summer of Love Omaha Sessions
Right Now Omaha Sessions
Slinky (New Mix) Omaha Sessions
Soulsucker (New Mix) Omaha Sessions
Today My Love (New Mix) Omaha Sessions
Rollin’ Omaha Sessions
Down South Omaha Sessions



Song Album
Down (Live from 6A) Live From 6A: Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Color Transistor
Beautiful Disaster Transistor
The Continuous Life Transistor
Inner Light Spectrum Transistor
Prisoner Transistor
No Control Transistor
Electricity Transistor
Rub a Dub Transistor
Jupiter Transistor
Use of Time Transistor
What Was I Thinking Transistor
Stealing Happy Hours Transistor
Transistor (Single Malt Mix) Prisoner (Australian Import) – Single
Transistor Transistor
Light Years Transistor
Running Transistor
Prisoner (DJ Sean Perry Remix) Prisoner (Australian Import) – Single
Galaxy Transistor
Transistor Intro (hidden track) Transistor
Enter Space (hidden track) Transistor
Strangers Transistor
Starshines Transistor
Tune In Transistor
Borders Transistor
Creature Feature Transistor
Prisoner (DJ Spina & Tickla Remix) Prisoner (Australian Import) – Single


Song Album
All Hexed Up (Dub Mix) All Mixed Up (Remixes) – Single
All Mixed Up (Perc-A-Pella Mix) All Mixed Up (Remixes) – Single
All Mixed Up (Butcher Mix) All Mixed Up (Remixes) – Single
All Mixed Up (Butcher Mix – Extended Dance) All Mixed Up (Remixes) – Single
Tribute Enlarged to Show Detail
Firewater (Slo-mo) Enlarged to Show Detail
Let the Cards Fall Enlarged to Show Detail
All Mixed Up (Alternative Mix) All Mixed Up (Remixes) – Single
Down (Live at Sandstone Theatre) Down (Australian Import) – Single
Gap Enlarged to Show Detail


Song Album
8:16 a.m. (T-Ray Remix) 8:16 a.m./Omaha Stylee – Single
Hive 311
Sweet 311
Brodels 311
Loco 311
Jackolantern’s Weather 311
Outside National Lampoon’s Senior Trip
Misdirected Hostility 311
Random 311 311
All Mixed Up 311
Down 311
Purpose 311
Who’s Got The Herb? Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML
Don’t Stay Home 311
T & P Combo 311
Guns (Are For Pussies) 311
DLMD 311
Omaha Stylee (T-Ray Remix) 8:16 a.m./Omaha Stylee – Single


Song Album
8:16 A.M. Grassroots
Applied Science Grassroots
Lucky Grassroots
1,2,3 Grassroots
Offbeat Bare-Ass Grassroots
Grassroots Grassroots
Silver Grassroots
Omaha Stylee Grassroots
Homebrew Grassroots
Nutsymptom Grassroots
Taiyed Grassroots
Lose Grassroots
Six Grassroots
Salsa Grassroots


Song Album
Fuck the Bullshit Music
Nix Hex Music
Do You Right Music
Welcome Music
Unity Music
Fat Chance Music
My Stoney Baby Music
Visit Music
Plain Music
Paradise Music
Hydroponic Music
Feels So Good Music
Freak Out Music
Ragga Drop Music


311 has enjoyed relative success in their industry, with most of their fans and groupies being young college kids. However, like many rock bands have seen some members leave the group for obvious reasons.


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best 311 songs

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