There’s no doubt that Loverboy is one of the greatest rock bands of all time. With hits like “Working for the Weekend” and “Turn Me Loose,” they have entertained audiences for decades. In this blog post, we will take a look at the 10 best Loverboy songs of all time. Whether you’re a fan of classic rock or just want to hear some good music, you’re sure to enjoy these tunes!

Facts about Loverboy.


Loverboy is an iconic Canadian rock band that formed in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. The band’s original lineup included vocalist Mike Reno, guitarist Paul Dean, bassist Scott Smith, keyboardist Doug Johnson and drummer Matt Frenette.

The group first gained international attention with their self-titled debut album “Loverboy” which topped the Canadian album charts in 1980 and was certified triple platinum. The smash hit singles “Turn Me Loose” and “The Kid Is Hot Tonite” gave them their first taste of success, with both songs peaking at number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Best Loverboy Songs

1. Almost paradise.

This is one of Loverboy’s most beloved songs that have been featured in movies, TV shows and commercials throughout the years. The 1982 hit single was written by Michael “Zip” Zerangue and Jim Vallance. It was the lead single from their third album Keep It Up, reaching the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in the United States.

Featuring an upbeat and powerful chorus, Almost Paradise is about two lovers who are not sure if they can make it work due to the distance between them. The song speaks to a universal issue of wanting to be together but being unsure if it’s worth trying. Zerangue’s catchy verses capture the feeling of being apart, while Vallance’s chorus brings a hopeful energy to the song.

Through its catchy melody and passionate lyrics, Almost Paradise has become a classic love song that is still remembered and loved today. It was famously featured in the 1984 film Footloose, taking the movie’s soundtrack to number one on Billboard 200.

The song has been covered by many artists over the years, including Anne Murray and Meat Loaf. It is also a staple of Loverboy’s live shows as it brings fans to their feet every time. Without a doubt, Almost Paradise will remain an iconic part of the band’s legacy for generations to come.

2. Dangerous.

This Canadian rock band has been making music since 1979, and their song “Dangerous” was released in 1985 as part of the album “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”. The song is a classic example of Loverboy’s power-pop sound.

With a funky beat and catchy chorus, “Dangerous” is full of energy and has become one of their most iconic songs.

It tells the story of a man who finds himself in a dangerous relationship, but is still willing to take the risk for love. The song also features some impressive guitar work that adds even more excitement to the track.

With its catchy hooks, driving rhythm, and heartfelt lyrics, “Dangerous” is a timeless classic that will always be remembered as one of Loverboy’s best.

3. Destination Heartbreak.

That’s the name of one of the most iconic Loverboy songs. Released in 1983, it was the second single from their self-titled debut album, and it quickly became a hit. It features an upbeat pop rock beat combined with catchy guitar riffs that make for a super fun track.

The song is about making mistakes when it comes to love, and the chorus of “Destination Heartbreak” speaks to anyone who’s ever had their heart broken. It’s a classic rock anthem that never gets old. Plus, it’s great for singing along to.

4. Gangs in the street.

“Gangs in the Street” is a song by Canadian rock band Loverboy, released in 1981 as part of their self-titled debut album. The song explores themes of violence and aggression on the streets of urban life through its lyrical references to gangs, drugs and street crime.

Musically, it features intense lead guitar riffs and driving drums, giving the song a sense of urgency. The chorus features the memorable lyrics “gangs in the street, nobody’s allowed to sleep”.

These words reflect the harshness of life on city streets and suggest that these places are not safe or welcoming.

The music video for “Gangs in the Street” was released in 1981 and features the band performing on a rooftop.

It captures life in the city where police cars race through the streets, gang members stand around graffiti-covered walls and fire hydrants spray streams of water. The video presents a vivid picture of urban life, conveying both its darkness and vibrancy.

5. “Heaven In Your Eyes”.

This song was released as a single from Loverboy’s fourth album, Keep It Up. Written by band members Mike Reno and Paul Dean, this power ballad reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is considered one of their most popular songs.

The song paints a heartfelt portrait of being in love with someone and feeling that they are truly heaven-sent. The song’s lyrics describe the joy of discovering that someone has been sent to make your life complete and knowing that you are meant for one another.

The instrumentation in this song creates an uplifting atmosphere, with soaring electric guitars and driving drums providing a backdrop for Reno’s passionate vocals. The chorus features an infectious, sing-along melody that is sure to stay with listeners after the song has ended.

“Heaven In Your Eyes” has become a classic of Loverboy’s discography, and its undeniable power-pop hooks and heartfelt lyrics have cemented its status as one of their most beloved songs. This timeless track will surely be enjoyed for years to come.

6. “Hot Girls In Love”.

Released in 1983, this song is from Loverboy’s second album Get Lucky. It’s an upbeat rock tune with a catchy chorus which quickly became popular. The lyrics describe the excitement of meeting and falling in love with someone special.

Drummer Matt Frenette provides the driving beat throughout the song while vocalist Mike Reno sings about feeling like he was born for her and describes how the girl in question has changed his life.

The song remains popular to this day, and can be heard playing at numerous events, from weddings to sporting events. It’s a classic Loverboy anthem that will get anyone on their feet.

7. “It’s your life”.

Released in 1985, “It’s Your Life” is one of the most popular songs by Canadian rock band Loverboy. The song has a classic rock sound and its optimistic lyrics celebrate taking chances and living life to the fullest.

With its infectious guitar riffs, uplifting chorus, and powerful vocals, it remains a fan favorite to this day. The song was included on their multi-platinum album Lovin’ Every Minute of It, and earned the band a Juno Award for Single of the Year.

To this day, “It’s Your Life” remains one of Loverboy’s most beloved songs and continues to be an anthem for those who dream big. Its timeless message encourages listeners to take risks and embrace the adventure of life. It serves as a reminder to make your own choices, take control of your destiny, and live life on your terms.

The song has been covered by various bands over the years, including a faithful rendition by Canadian rock band Big Wreck. The original music video for “It’s Your Life” features the band performing on stage and has become a classic ’80s music video. To this day, it is still considered one of the most classic Loverboy songs.

8. “Jump”.

The Canadian rock band Loverboy released the single “Jump” in 1982, from their self-titled debut album. It was instantly embraced by fans and listeners alike and went on to become one of the group’s most popular songs.

The fast-paced pop/rock song is about embracing life and taking chances, with its memorable chorus urging people “If you want it, go for it/Just take a chance and jump”. It remains one of Loverboy’s most iconic songs and continues to be featured in their live shows.

The track was a huge hit, reaching the Top 20 on both the US and Canadian charts, as well as being certified Platinum in Canada for sales over 100,000 copies.

It also featured on a number of movie and TV soundtracks, most notably “Hot Tub Time Machine”. The song is a classic example of Loverboy’s upbeat rock style, with lead singer Mike Reno’s powerful vocals driving the catchy hooks and memorable melody.

9. “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”.

This song was released in 1985 and became their second biggest hit, reaching the top five on the Billboard Hot 100. The single had a great music video that featured the band performing on a moving truck.

The chorus of the song is uplifting and inspiring, with lines such as “I’m livin’ every minute of it/ Puttin’ it all on the line/ Givin’ it everything I’ve got/ Lovin’ every minute of it”. The song was featured in several films and popular TV shows, including The Big Lebowski and Family Guy.

It has become an anthem for lovers everywhere looking to take advantage of every moment spent together. Despite being over 35 years old, “Lovin’ Every Minute of It” is still a popular song with an uplifting message that resonates even in today’s world.

10. “Lucky ones”.

“Lucky Ones” is a classic song by the Canadian rock band Loverboy. It was released on their self-titled debut album in 1980 and has since become one of their most popular songs. The lyrics speak to being thankful for having found love, no matter how hard it might be to keep it together at times.

The song’s catchy melody and upbeat rhythm make it an uplifting anthem for anyone who has found the special somebody in their life. It is a perfect addition to any Loverboy fan’s playlist and an excellent selection for any romantic occasion.

11. “Notorious”.

One of Loverboy’s most popular songs, “Notorious” was released in 1982 on the Get Lucky album. This song is filled with catchy guitar riffs and a lively beat that make it one of the band’s signature tunes.

The lyrics tell of a man who is desperate to win back his lost love, no matter what it takes: “Got to make her mine, no matter how long it takes / I’m gonna be notorious.” The song has become a classic rock radio staple and is still enjoyed by Loverboy fans today.

12. “Queen Of The Broken Hearts”.

Loverboy’s fourth single, released in 1983, is an up-tempo rocker that pays tribute to the brokenhearted. The song has a classic power ballad structure and features lead singer Mike Reno’s emotive vocals and soaring guitar solos by Paul Dean.

Lyrically, it warns of the danger of getting involved with someone who is already heartbroken and in need of healing. The song was a big hit for the band, reaching number 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaking at number 4 in Canada.

13. “The Kid is Hot Tonight”.

Released in 1980, this upbeat and energetic song is one of Loverboy’s most beloved hits. With its heavily synthesized sound and catchy chorus, the song encapsulates the band’s unique blend of rock, funk and new wave music.

It became their first top 40 hit in Canada on the RPM Top Singles chart, peaking at number 29.

14. “This could be the night”.

It’s a classic song from the band Loverboy. This 1982 track showcases the group’s signature sound, with its driving guitar riffs and catchy melodies. Lead singer Mike Reno belts out lyrics about an adventure-filled night (“Tonight we could take off for someplace far away/ We can do what we want to, only if you stay”) that speaks to feelings of possibility and youth.

The song has become a favorite among fans, becoming a classic sing-along at Loverboy shows. It remains one of the group’s most beloved tracks, an anthem for those nights filled with hope and excitement.

15. “Turn Me Loose”.

This song was released by Loverboy in 1980 as the first single off of their debut album. It quickly became a global hit, reaching No. 7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and becoming one of their most recognized tunes.

The song tells the story of a young man who is trying to break free from his parents’ restrictive rules and follow his heart. The chorus features the memorable lines “Turn me loose, set me free/I need to know what love can be/Feelings deep inside of me/Can’t deny my destiny”.

With its catchy guitar riffs and lyrics that spoke to a generation of teenagers, “Turn Me Loose” cemented Loverboy’s place in the annals of 80s pop rock.

16. “When It’s Over”.

The song is about a relationship ending and the struggles of moving on, yet still clinging to the hope that something can be salvaged. The lyrics express a range of emotions from despair to self-reflection, making it one of Loverboy’s most heartfelt tracks.

Lead singer Mike Reno emotes a sense of desperation as he pleads for his lover’s return. The song’s fading outro, featuring an atmospheric guitar solo, reflects a sense of finality and resignation to the end of the relationship.

17. “Working for the Weekend”.

“Working for the Weekend” is a classic rock anthem from Canadian band Loverboy, released in 1981. Written by frontman Mike Reno and guitarist Paul Dean, the song became an instant hit and has become firmly entrenched in rock history.

The song follows a character who drudges away at his 9-to-5 job during the weekdays, only to escape to the weekend and enjoy himself with friends. The song’s message of living for the weekend resonated with audiences everywhere, and its memorable chorus remains a rallying cry for young workaholics across the world.

“Working for the Weekend” was released as part of Loverboy’s self-titled debut album, which spawned several other classic hits such as “Turn Me Loose” and “The Kid is Hot Tonite”. The album went on to sell over five million copies, and cemented the band’s place in rock history.

What happened to the band Loverboy?

Formed in 1979, Loverboy was a Canadian rock band that achieved international success with hits such as “Working for the Weekend” and “Turn Me Loose.” The band’s lineup consisted of lead vocalist Mike Reno, keyboardist Doug Johnson, bass guitarist Scott Smith, guitarist Paul Dean and drummer Matt Frenette. Loverboy was one of the top-selling rock acts of the 1980s, selling over 10 million albums worldwide.

In 1988, Smith died in a boating accident. This caused the band to take an extended break from recording and performing. In 1997, Frenette left the group after suffering an injury that prevented him from playing drums for an extended period of time. Loverboy reunited in 1999, releasing a new studio album and embarking on several tours throughout the 2000s.

In 2005, Johnson left the band due to health-related issues. Loverboy replaced him with Bob Rock, who contributed keyboards to their 2006 live album Unfinished Business. In 2013, Dean retired from performing with the group, citing health and aging issues. Loverboy continues to perform live today, with original members Reno, Johnson and Dean still involved. However, their last studio album was released in 2011. Despite this, they remain a popular touring act among classic rock fans.

What was Loverboy first hit song?

The Canadian rock band, Loverboy, released their first hit song in 1980. The song was titled “Turn Me Loose” and it was an instant success. It reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earned a platinum certification.

The single also reached the top 10 in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It was followed by other successful songs such as “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”, “Working for the Weekend”, and “Heaven in Your Eyes”.

The band continues to tour and record music to this day. They have released six studio albums, seven compilation albums, four live albums and 34 singles. They remain one of the most beloved rock bands from Canada.


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