This is the perfect guide for your new favorite Patriotic songs adapting old and modern country styles as well some American Soft Rock.

See below for some Patriotic songs:

1. Zac Brown Band – Dress Blues

The cover is Isbell’s song of the exact same title, the song is about a US Marine who was killed when on duty. The second verse describes how it would have felt like to celebrate had the soldier not been killed.

2. Chuck Wicks – Us Again

Released in 2016, this patriotic track serves as a great time during 4th July. Here is Chuck Wicks with ‘Us Again’.

3. JessLee – Christmas In America

If your partner is finally coming back for the holidays, then this must be on your dinner playlist!

4. Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

Written years before it was ever released, the song is describing the characteristics that we know as the South. Written with a cause, it was a perfect fit for the 9//11 anniversary:

5. Chris Young – The Dashboard

Imagine having one sentimental piece of someone fighting for your country abroad? Now imagine listening to that song knowing Chris Young is doing the same with the truck he is driving.

6. Montgomery Gentry – Where I Come From

Having a mid-tempo rock feel to it, this song co-written by Dallas Davidson debuted at number 59 on the U.S Billboard Hot Country.

7. Carrie Underwood – Just A Dream

Our favorite country singer released this as her fourth single from second album Carnival Ride and was nominated for a Grammy!

8. Billy Ray Cyrus – We Fought Hard

Singer, songwriter and actor Billy Ray Cyrus thought to pay homage to all the U.S soldiers through this song.

9. Tim McGraw – My Old Friend

Released in 2004, “My Old Friend” reached number 6 on the country music charts. The song debuted at number 55 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks in early October 2018.

10. Brad Paisley – This Country Music

Released as a single for his eight studio album by the American country singer, here is ‘This Country Music”

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