When someone leaves your life – whether it’s a loved one, a friend, or a colleague – it’s always hard. One way to make the goodbye a little bit easier is to listen to a good goodbye song.

There are so many great ones out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 86 best of all time. Whether you’re looking for something sad and emotional or upbeat and happy, we’ve got you covered. So grab your headphones and say goodbye to that person in style!

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1. (Na Na Hey Hey) Kiss Him Goodbye By The Nylons.

Released in 1981, this single was a surprise success for the Canadian vocal group, who hadn’t expected to top the US charts with it. But it did just that, thanks in large part to its catchy chorus of “Na na na na/Na na na na/Hey hey hey/Goodbye”.

It remained at number one for two weeks, and has since become a staple of classic rock radio.

2. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon.

This classic breakup song tells the story of someone trying to think of ways to dump their significant other.

The upbeat tempo and clever lyrics make it an iconic goodbye song that has stood the test of time.

3. “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” By Train.

Train’s “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” is a classic goodbye song that captures the heartache of saying goodbye with its whimsical lyrics and upbeat tempo.

The upbeat melody often masks the sadness of saying goodbye, but the poignant lyrics make it clear that this is a permanent farewell. It is one of Train’s most popular songs and a great way to say goodbye.

4. “A Better Man” By Clint Black.

This heartfelt country ballad was released in 1991 and tells the story of a man looking back at his failed relationship and wishing he had done things differently. It’s an honest, bittersweet goodbye song that has become a classic over the years.

5. Ain’t No Sunshine By Bill Withers.

This classic from 1971 was written as a metaphor for the lost of love. Its soulful guitar strums and Withers’ emotive vocal delivery makes it one of the most beloved farewell songs ever.

6. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” by Led Zeppelin.

This classic 1960s track is a stirring goodbye song that captures the heartbreaking emotion of saying farewell. Its haunting electric guitar and passionate vocals make it an unforgettable classic.

7. “Begin Again” by Nick Mulvey.

This uplifting song is about finding the courage to pick yourself up, and start again after saying goodbye. Mulvey’s heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by his gentle guitar melodies make this a great choice for saying goodbye with grace.

8. “Billy Goodbye” by Franz Ferdinand.

This British rock band captures the feeling of saying goodbye with its bright, upbeat tune and powerful lyrics. The chorus sings: “Billy I’m gonna kiss you goodbye/I close my eyes and the world just fades away,” which perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet emotion of saying goodbye.

9. “Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)” by The Four Seasons.

This classic track is the perfect goodbye song for anyone leaving home or saying farewell to a loved one. Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it great for singing along and reminiscing over memories made together.

10. Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC.

This classic was released in 2000 and became a hit almost immediately. It soon became an anthem for teenage heartache, with its catchy chorus of “Bye Bye Bye” being belted out by fans everywhere.

11. Candle In The Wind By Elton John.

This is a classic hit from Elton John, released in 1973 and still widely regarded as one of the best goodbye songs ever. It’s full of emotion and poignancy as it tells the story of Marilyn Monroe, her fame, her beauty and ultimately her death.

12. Careless Whisper By George Michael.

This classic from the 1980s will be remembered for its romantic saxophone solos and haunting vocals.

It has been featured in countless movies, TV shows, and commercials over the years and is a timeless song to send someone off with.

13. Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran.

This song captures the bittersweet feeling of leaving a place that you love and growing up. The lyrics touch on feelings of nostalgia and longing while still expressing hope for the future.

14. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers By Jeff Black.

This song is a beautiful and melancholic goodbye. Written by Jeff Black, it paints a picture of two people who are parting ways but still have love for each other. Its slow and gentle melody gives way to thoughtful lyrics that express the heartache of saying goodbye.

The narrator acknowledges their situation but still offers words of comfort, letting the other person know that although it is a sad parting, their love will always remain.

No matter what lies ahead for the two of them, they’ll always be connected by their shared memories and feelings. This song expresses the complexity of saying goodbye without entirely closing the door on love and friendship.

15. Don’t Delete The Kisses by Wolf Alice.

This song is a perfect goodbye anthem that captures the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye. The acoustic guitar melody paired with Ellie Rowsell’s haunting vocals makes it an ideal track to listen to when you’re feeling nostalgic about an old friend or lover.

The lyrics capture the sadness of wanting to hold on but understanding that it’s time to let go and move on. This song is sure to tug at the heartstrings of anyone who hears it, making it the perfect goodbye song.

16. Don’t Forget Me by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This song is the perfect goodbye anthem and speaks to all of us who have ever had a difficult time saying goodbye.

The lyrics capture the raw emotion that comes with leaving someone behind, while also offering hope and comfort to whoever is listening.

This classic hit from the early 2000s still resonates today as we continue to deal with farewells and move on from our past.

It’s a perfect song to listen to as a reminder that people come and go from our lives, but their impact can be everlasting.

17. Don’t Forget To Remember by Bee Gees.

This classic from the 70s is a great way to say goodbye. The lyrics speak of sadness yet hope for the future: “Let go, but don’t forget to remember me.” Whether singing it together with friends or as a soloist, this song is sure to bring out some tears.

It’s an emotional outpouring about saying goodbye, and understanding that the memories you shared will stay with you forever.

18. Don’t Speak By No Doubt.

This classic hit from the 90’s is a great way to say goodbye to those you don’t want to see again. The lyrics are full of emotion, and Gwen Stefani’s powerful vocals will have you feeling all sorts of feelings. If you need a song that says it all without being too direct or blunt, this is the one for you.

19. Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds.

This iconic goodbye song was released in 1985 and is one of the most recognizable songs from the era.

The song is about someone going away, but it’s also a call for them not to be forgotten. It has become a popular karaoke tune and continues to be beloved by fans all over the world.

20. Dusty Old Dust (So Long It’s Been Good to Know Yuh) by Woody Guthrie.

This upbeat folk song follows a traveler as he bids farewell to the places and people he’s encountered on his journey.

The lyrics pay homage to the folks who have been good to him, but ultimately, he knows it’s time for him to move on even though saying goodbye isn’t easy. “Goodbye old St. Louis, goodbye old Missouri/ Goodbye old Tennessee where the cotton grows so high/ I’m gonna be driftin’ like a ship out on the sea/ And dust is my destination, and goodbye to you and me.”

The song was originally recorded by Woody Guthrie in 1940 and has been covered by numerous artists since then, including Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Bruce Springsteen. It remains an inspiration to those who are on their own journey of discovery — or saying one final goodbye.

21. Fade To Black By Metallica.

Released in 1984, this metal classic is a poignant goodbye song. It speaks to the pain of saying goodbye and the feeling of fading away into nothingness. The sorrowful lyrics speak to themes of loss, regret, and letting go.

The haunting melody paired with James Hetfield’s powerful vocal delivery makes for an emotional listening experience that will leave you in tears. The song is a reminder that saying goodbye doesn’t have to be the end and can be seen as a new beginning.

With lyrics like “Goodbye, love/ Though I never said it enough/ Goodbye, life/ Time to take away what you gave”, it’s an unforgettable farewell. Fade To Black will always be remembered as a timeless goodbye song.

22. Farewell and Goodnight by Smashing Pumpkins.

This classic goodbye song was released in 1998 on the Adore album. It is a poignant and touching song about saying goodbye to someone, with lyrics like “Lost in the night I’m calling you my sweet/I’m trying to breathe and let go of something deep inside of me”.

The simple yet powerful melody helps set the mood for a bittersweet farewell. The Smashing Pumpkins have always been known for their ability to convey strong emotions through music, and this song is no exception.

Whether you’re saying goodbye to a friend, lover, or family member – Farewell and Goodnight will make the process that much easier.

23. Farewell by Rihanna.

Released in 2008, this single from Rihanna’s fourth studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, is a plaintive goodbye to a former love. The song is melancholic and reflective but carries an edge of hope that the two will reunite someday.

Its ultimate message is one of acceptance and closure — “farewell and good luck,” as Rihanna sings in the chorus. The song is driven by a gentle piano and strings, punctuated by occasional guitar licks that emphasize important points of the lyrics.

It was well-received upon its release and became one of Rihanna’s most recognizable singles from her early career. Its melancholy yet hopeful tone makes it a great goodbye song that can be used to signify the end of any relationship.

It encapsulates all the feelings associated with saying goodbye and encourages its listeners to accept the circumstances, even in times of sadness. The song speaks to how difficult it is to let go, but also how important it is for everyone’s wellbeing.

It’s a reminder that endings can be necessary and even healthy — so long as they are handled with respect, care, and understanding. Farewell is a perfect way to say goodbye to someone you care about without any harshness or lingering bitterness. It’s a timeless classic that will always evoke the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye.

24. Fire And Rain By James Taylor.

This classic folk-rock song from 1970 is a timeless goodbye anthem, as Taylor sings of the pain and sorrow of saying goodbye to a loved one.

He reflects on how quickly life can change and how much we take for granted the simple moments in life.

With its gentle melody and hauntingly beautiful lyrics, this song has become an iconic farewell anthem that still resonates with people today.

25. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac.

This classic song from 1977 encapsulates the feeling of saying goodbye after a breakup. The lyrics speak to an ending that comes with sadness, but also hope for a better future as one moves forward alone.

It reminds us that though there may be pain and heartbreak, it’s ultimately important to follow our own path in life.

26. Going Away To College by Blink 182.

This classic rock song is about saying goodbye to someone you love who is leaving for college. It’s a heartfelt reminder that no matter how far away you are, your friends and family still care about you.

The lyrics dive into the sadness of saying goodbye, but also emphasize the hope of reuniting in the future.

27. Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips.

This song is perfect for saying goodbye to a loved one, as it captures the feeling of bittersweetness that comes with parting ways.

The lyrics show how hard it can be to let go even when you know it’s necessary: “I’d rather stay up all night and make things right/ Than to ever see you walking away.”

28. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day.

This iconic song has been around since the late 90s, and continues to be a go-to goodbye anthem. The song’s lyrics encapsulate sentiments of finally saying “goodbye” to painful memories and experiences, while also wishing someone well in their future endeavors.

This makes it the perfect song for any situation where you need closure, like ending a relationship or moving away from home.

The upbeat tempo of the song also captures the mixed emotions involved in saying goodbye; it’s as much about mourning what is lost, as it is about celebrating the future and everything that lies ahead.

29. Goodbye by Alicia Keys.

This iconic good-bye song was released in 2012 as part of Keys’ fifth album, Girl on Fire. The song is a soulful ballad that talks about the pain of saying goodbye and how hard it can be to let go after a relationship has ended.

With lyrics like “saying goodbye is never an easy thing/even when it’s for the best/it hurts so much it can bring you to tears”, this song captures the heartache of saying goodbye.

30. Goodbye by Apparat.

This song is a great way to say goodbye to someone you love. The gentle piano melody and somber lyrics evoke feelings of nostalgia and sadness, as the singer reflects on their time together while also wishing them well in the future.

This heart-wrenching tune will leave you feeling bittersweet as it captures all the emotions that come with saying goodbye.

31. Goodbye by Billie Eilish.

This song is an emotional ode to a love that’s ending. Eilish sings, “Don’t you know I’m no good for you? / I’ve been tryin’ to be so good but nothing gets through.”

Goodbye may not seem like a traditional goodbye song, but it beautifully captures the power of letting go of something that’s no longer healthy for you.

32. Goodbye by Cage The Elephant.

This song is a powerful and emotional goodbye that speaks of the difficulties of saying goodbye to someone. The lyrics explore issues of regret, loss, and longing as they contemplate never seeing someone again.

In addition to its impactful words, the song also has a strong guitar-driven melody which gives it an even greater sense of intensity. It’s the perfect song for those who have to say goodbye and want a soundtrack to accompany the emotion of their parting.

33. Goodbye by DMX.

Released in 1998, this classic hip-hop track is the perfect way to say goodbye. This single was part of DMX’s debut album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, and became a huge hit.

The song features DMX’s gritty vocals combined with a strong beat that makes it fun to listen to.

With lines like “I’m gone, no tears, just keep it real and know I love you” and “It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later” DMX speaks to the feelings of sadness that come with saying goodbye. This song is a great way to leave a situation or relationship on good terms.

34. Goodbye by Feder and Lyse.

This serene, acoustic ballad by the Swiss duo Feder and Lyse is a beautiful reflection of the sentiment that accompanies saying goodbye.

The track has been streamed over 200 million times on Spotify alone and its meaningful lyrics speak to those who find themselves in moments of parting.

The raw emotion conveyed through this song is palpable with every note and lyric. Lyse’s soothing vocals create a calming atmosphere with lyrics such as “Let me be the one to go, I won’t cry anymore.

Just hold me in your arms one more time, goodbye forever.” With its gentle guitars and simple drums, this song is an ode to the bittersweet emotions that come with saying goodbye.

35. Goodbye by LP.

This is one of the most popular goodbye songs. It was released in 2018 and has since become a classic break-up anthem for many people.

The song explores feelings of loss, sadness, and heartache with its heartbreaking lyrics such as “I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket” and “This is why I’ll be leaving you with goodbye.”

The song is accompanied by a simple but powerful piano melody and the sorrowful voice of LP, which creates an emotional atmosphere that many people can relate to.

Goodbye may be a sad song, but it serves as a reminder to us all to move on from heartache and embrace new beginnings.

36. Goodbye by MARINA.

Goodbye by MARINA is a beautiful and heartfelt track about letting go of someone or something. It paints a vivid picture of the bittersweet emotions associated with saying goodbye to something that has been significant in one’s life.

The song speaks to the power of memories; it captures the pain of knowing that despite having shared so much together, the time has come to part ways. Musically, the song is a dreamy ode to the idea of closure and acceptance; it is slow and melodic, with gentle instrumentation that builds up towards an uplifting climax.

This track serves as a reminder that although goodbyes can be difficult, they are sometimes necessary in order to move forward.

Goodbye by MARINA encourages us to feel the emotions associated with letting go, and provides comfort in that we are never alone during these difficult times.

37. Goodbye by Spice Girls.

Released in 1998, “Goodbye” is one of the most iconic songs from the Spice Girls. Written by all five members, the song was described as a “farewell ballad” that captured their transition from a group to pursuing solo careers.

The lyrics are about bidding farewell to someone and wishing them luck for the future: “Goodbye, goodbye, wherever you go / I wish you well, I hope you find a place to dwell.” The song was an instant hit and peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart. It remains one of the Spice Girls’ most beloved tracks.

38. Goodbye Kiss by Kasabian.

This song perfectly captures the feeling of saying goodbye to someone you love—the bittersweet pain of having to let them go. The lyrics focus on a protagonist who’s struggling with his feelings, trying to make sense of an ending they didn’t want.

They’re heartbroken and desperate for one last kiss before they have to say goodbye. The emotion in the song is palpable, as it’s sung over driving guitar riffs and a steady beat. It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to someone they love.

39. Goodbye My Friend By Linda Ronstadt.

This song celebrates the people who help bring joy and happiness into our lives. It talks about how life is a journey, and that we must take time to appreciate those around us who have traveled with us.

The lyrics also remind us to cherish each moment, even when it’s time to say goodbye. This heartfelt ballad makes for a beautiful goodbye song.

40. Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt.

This song is about two star-crossed lovers who are saying their last goodbye. Blunt’s lyrics convey a sense of sadness and despair as he laments over the end of his relationship: “And I will wander ’til the end of time, Torn between the longing for love and the desire to run.”

41. Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp.

This classic rock song from the late 1970s is a poignant tribute to lost love. The singer laments that he and his beloved have gone their separate ways, but he hopes they will meet again someday in the future.

The lyrics are thoughtful and contemplative, and the music has an upbeat tempo that helps keep the mood light despite its sad message.

41. Goodbye, Goodbye by Tegan and Sara.

This song revolves around the idea of one person saying goodbye and learning to cope with their absence. The lyrics capture the feeling of sadness, regret and longing while expressing the desire for things to be different.

The chorus of “goodbye, goodbye” expresses a sense of finality even though there is hope that it isn’t actually goodbye.

The song is written in a sincere, sorrowful way that allows the listener to understand how hard it is to let go of someone and move on.

It’s an emotional roller coaster as we experience the pain of saying goodbye but also hope for better days ahead.

42. Goodbyes by Jorja Smith.

Jorja Smith’s song “Goodbyes” is one of the most popular goodbye songs of recent times. Released in 2019, it is a soulful and touching piece that tells the story of someone saying goodbye to a loved one.

The lyrics speak to the pain of parting, but also acknowledge that it was necessary and ultimately for the best.

The song is melancholic and has a bittersweet feeling, but ultimately leaves the listener with a sense of peace and acceptance.

Jorja Smith’s voice is beautiful and powerful in conveying the emotion of the track, making it an intense listening experience that sticks with you long after it ends. This makes it one of the most memorable goodbye songs of the decade, and a timeless classic.

Goodbye songs don’t have to be all sadness and sorrow, as Jorja Smith proves with “Goodbyes.” It’s an anthem for those who find themselves on the wrong side of love, but still capable of finding solace in knowing that they are stronger now than ever before.

43. Happy Trails By Roy Rogers And Dale Evans.

This classic goodbye song is a great way to bring any gathering to a close. This cheerful tune was written in 1946 by Dale Evans, Roy Rogers’ wife and cowgirl partner.

The couple sang it as they ended their radio broadcasts, television shows, and personal appearances. It has been recorded by many other artists including John Denver, Elvis Presley, and Glen Campbell.

The song’s catchy chorus encourages listeners to “smile” and wish one another a safe journey as they say goodbye. This upbeat tune is the perfect way to bring closure to any gathering or special occasion with its positive message of friendship and farewells.

44. Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles.

Released in 1967, this iconic song from The Beatles is one of the most beloved goodbye songs of all time. Written by Paul McCartney, it has been covered by countless artists over the years and remains a classic to this day.

It celebrates the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye as well as embracing change and new beginnings. It captures the joy and sadness that comes with saying farewell and encourages people to take risks in life. With its uplifting chorus of “hello, goodbye”, this timeless tune is sure to bring a smile to your face.

45. Hit The Road Jack By Ray Charles.

Released in 1961 by Atlantic Records, “Hit The Road Jack” has become one of the most iconic goodbye songs. Penned by Percy Mayfield and popularized by legendary singer-songwriter Ray Charles, the song is about a man telling his lover to leave him alone.

With its catchy chorus and up-tempo groove, it’s the perfect way to say goodbye. The song was a huge success, reaching number one on both the pop and R&B charts, and it has been covered by countless artists since its release. It’s an unforgettable classic that will make any goodbye a little bit easier.

46. Home By Phillip Phillips.

This emotional and nostalgic song is perfect for saying goodbye. It speaks of the bittersweetness of leaving a place that has become home, with lyrics like “I will carry you until we meet again” and “If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?”

The chorus captures the feeling of departing perfectly: “But I won’t forget, the way you saved me from my shadow. Goodbye my four-leaf clover, keep your promise now and ever.” This song will have you feeling all sorts of emotions as you prepare to say goodbye.

47. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye By Patty Loveless.

This heartfelt song is a poignant ode to letting go. Loveless captures the pain and sadness experienced with saying goodbye to someone you care about, while emphasizing the need to stay strong and carry on.

The chorus urges us to help our loved ones in their time of sorrow, even if it’s something as simple as a hug or a kind word. Accompanied by a powerful piano arrangement and heartfelt lyrics, this song provides comfort while still letting us feel the emotions of saying goodbye.

48. How It Ends by DeVotchKa.

This somber farewell song is all about the emotions we feel when saying goodbye. The singer expresses his fear of not knowing what awaits him in the future and how hard it can be to move on after a loved one has left.

He also talks about going through life without that person but still understanding why they must go. This beautiful ballad is a must-listen for anyone who has ever had to say goodbye.

With its heartfelt lyrics and gentle instrumentals, it will surely bring a tear to your eye. Goodbye songs don’t need to be filled with sadness; they can also offer hope and comfort.

“How It Ends” provides both, reminding us that even though saying goodbye is hard, we will always have our memories to treasure.

49. I Will Remember You By Sarah McLauchlan.

This classic goodbye song is about a person remembering the time they shared with someone as that person leaves their life. The lyrics are bittersweet and evoke emotions of love, longing, and sadness as McLachlan croons “I will remember you/Will you remember me?”

50. I’ll Be Seeing You by Cat Power.

This sweet, soulful song is the perfect goodbye track. Cat Power’s rendition of the classic tune captures all the emotion and longing of saying goodbye with her signature blend of bluesy guitar strums and gentle vocals.

The lyrics capture a sense of melancholy as they reflect on the reality that while we may be parting ways, our hearts will remain connected.

51. I’m Movin On By Rascal Flatts.

This heartfelt goodbye song is a tribute to all those who’ve had the courage to move on and leave the past behind. It speaks of strength, perseverance and hope; that no matter how hard things may seem at first, they will eventually get better.

The lyrics “I’m gonna be strong/ I’m gonna keep movin’ on” speak of the singer’s determination to keep going and make something out of his life, despite any setbacks he may encounter.

The song is a reminder that no situation is permanent and that with the right attitude and support, anything can be overcome. It serves as an upbeat reminder to go out into the world and create your own destiny – even if it means saying goodbye to the things you once knew.

“I’m gonna keep rolling, no matter what I see/ I’m gonna keep movin’ on” are words of encouragement and motivation that can help anybody in their journey towards a new beginning.

Whether you’re saying goodbye to an old job, a bad relationship or a difficult situation, I’m Movin On is an uplifting anthem to help you stay positive and keep moving forward.

52. If You Leave Me Now By Chicago.

Released in 1976, this song is a classic goodbye anthem. With lyrics that convey the sadness of love lost and loneliness at leaving someone behind, it captures the bittersweet emotions associated with saying goodbye.

The chorus line “If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me” has become an iconic sentiment associated with parting ways. Allowing the listener to sympathize with the singer and imagine themselves in their shoes, this song is sure to make any goodbye more emotional.

53. Knockin On Heaven’s Door By Bob Dylan.

One of the most famous goodbye songs of all time, this classic by Bob Dylan is a timeless anthem for those saying their goodbyes. This iconic song features bittersweet lyrics and simple instrumentation that capture the angst and sorrow of leaving behind something beloved.

It’s no surprise that it has been covered by countless musicians throughout the years as a tribute to the power of goodbye songs.

The song has been used in films, television shows, and commercials as a symbol of departure, making it an anthem for those saying goodbye. It’s one of the most popular goodbye songs of all time and is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

54. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah And The Whale.

Noah And The Whale’s L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N is a powerful goodbye song that captures the fragility of life and death, and how quickly things can change in an instant – from sorrow to joy, from tears to laughter, from goodbyes to hellos again.

The song paints a vivid picture of the cycle of life, and how each goodbye can lead to yet another hello. The melancholic melody paired with the catchy chorus is sure to stay in your head for days after you hear it.

It’s an emotional roller coaster that ultimately reminds us that life goes on – no matter what we say or do goodbye to.

55. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam.

This song is an emotional goodbye to a loved one, and it’s easy to feel the sadness in Eddie Vedder’s voice. The lyrics capture the heartbreaking feeling of having to say goodbye and the hope that the relationship will be able to continue even after they’re apart.

It’s a classic rock ballad with powerful lyrics that still resonate today. “So goodbye, my love, please don’t cry. I’ll remember the love in your eyes ’til the day that I die”. It’s a perfect way to say goodbye and capture all of those emotions.

56. Leaving On A Jet Plane By Peter, Paul, And Mary.

This classic was first recorded by John Denver and released in 1966. It has since been covered by many great artists, including Peter, Paul, and Mary.

The song is about someone who is saying goodbye to a loved one before they depart on an airplane journey, though the destination of the traveler is never specified.

The lyrics express sorrow at parting and hope for a reunion in the future. The song has become an anthem for anyone who is saying goodbye to a friend or family member, and its simple yet effective melody has made it a classic that will remain popular for generations to come. It truly captures the bittersweet feeling of leaving those you care about behind.

57. Moving On by Roosevelt.

This pop-folk song is a testament to the importance of moving on, no matter how hard it may be. Roosevelt sings about the pain of saying goodbye and emphasizes that some things can’t be solved by clinging onto them forever: “We gotta learn to let go / Of what we don’t need anymore / We just have to try to keep on going.”

The song is a beautiful reminder that although it may be hard, saying goodbye is sometimes essential to create space for new beginnings.

58. Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi.

From the 1986 album Slippery When Wet, this is one of the band’s most beloved and oft-covered songs. The lyrics reflect on a relationship coming to an end, but rather than saying goodbye the narrator wishes for things to stay the same forever.

Despite its somber meaning, it has become a fan favorite thanks to its heartfelt lyrics and powerful chorus.

59. No Such Thing by John Mayer.

This classic breakup song was released in 2001 and is still considered one of the best goodbye songs ever written. It begins with Mayer declaring that he’s done believing in fairy tales and happily-ever-afters, as if such things don’t exist.

He goes on to sing about being stuck between what was real and what could have been and explores the idea of letting go of expectations for perfection.

The anthem can bring a sense of comfort to those who have struggled with heartache and is even more comforting when played with Mayer’s soulful guitar solos.

60. On The Road Again By Willie Nelson.

This classic song has been used to say goodbye for over 40 years. A fan favorite, it’s been sung at nearly every major concert and is a must when saying farewell to friends and family.

The lyrics tell of the difficulties of a long journey, but also how likeable the freedom of the road can be. It’s both an anthem for going and a lament for leaving.

61. One Last Time By Ariana Grande.

This song is perfect for saying goodbye to someone special before they leave. The melancholic lyrics and production of this track make it the perfect way to close a chapter in your life.

It’s all about recognizing that something is ending and that both parties can have fond memories of their time together without looking back with regret.

62. One More Day By Diamond Rio.

This song is all about saying goodbye to someone. It talks about the importance of living life to its fullest and making the most out of each day with the person you love.

The chorus says, “One more day with you would be worth a thousand days alone, So I’ll live my life like it’s golden, Like it’s one more day.”

The singer acknowledges that it will be hard to say goodbye, but he wants to make the most of the time they have together. This song is a great reminder to cherish every moment we have with those who mean the most to us.

63. Please Don’t Leave Me by Pink.

This song is the perfect way to say goodbye. It expresses the pain of having to say goodbye and reflects the feeling of being helpless as someone leaves your life. The lyrics are raw, honest, and powerful.

From asking for one more hug to remembering all the good times you’ve had together, this song will make anyone feel bittersweet emotions. Even if you don’t have words to express yourself, this song will do it for you.

64. Remember Me by Blue Boy.

Released in 1995, the song “Remember Me” is a classic goodbye song. Written by Bob and Earl, this R&B track gives tribute to memories of love that have faded away.

The smooth vocals and gentle acoustic guitar provide a nostalgic feel as the singer croons about his regret for ending his relationship with his beloved.

Although bittersweet, the song conveys a sense of acceptance that is often found in a goodbye.

65. See You Soon by Coldplay.

This heartfelt pop-rock goodbye song from Coldplay is all about appreciating the time with a loved one, even if it has to be fleeting. Lead singer Chris Martin’s unique falsetto vocals make this song truly special and emotive, as he sings of saying goodbye “just for now”.

The lyrics are full of hope that they’ll meet again soon, and the gentle melody of the song is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s a perfect way to bid farewell to a friend or family member with love.

66. Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root.

This 1997 classic is a perfect goodbye song to play when sending friends off on their next adventure. The upbeat acoustic melody and uplifting lyrics make it the perfect backdrop for your farewells.

With lines like “I would like to reach out my hand, I may see you again” that capture the bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye, this song is sure to bring a bit of joy and reflection to your farewell celebration.

67. So Long, Marianne by Leonard Cohen.

This classic goodbye song is a heartfelt ballad about the end of a relationship. Its moving lyrics and gentle melody make it one of the best-known goodbye songs of all time. The narrator reflects on past memories with Marianne, saying his farewells as if for the last time.

The singer acknowledges that he’ll miss her love but encourages her to move on and find happiness. The lyrics are filled with emotion, making it the perfect song for saying goodbye to someone special.

68. “So Long. It’s Been Good To Know You” By Woody Guthrie.

One of the most beloved goodbye songs of all time is Woody Guthrie’s “So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You.” Written in 1940, this classic song has been covered by many artists and featured in numerous movies.

The lyrics tell a story of parting ways with friends as they travel on their own journeys. The chorus is especially memorable, with lines such as “So long, it’s been good to know you/ So long, and I hate to see you go.” It captures the bittersweet emotions of saying goodbye – sadness at having to part ways, but also hope for a brighter tomorrow.

This song is a great reminder of how our relationships can give us strength during difficult times. So, whether you’re saying goodbye to someone special or just need a reminder of how important it is to appreciate our relationships, this song will help you find the perfect way to say so long.

69. Somebody That I Used To Know By Gotye.

This chart-topping 2012 hit by Gotye and Kimbra is a perfect way to say goodbye. Its bitter lyrics express the heartache of lost love, but its upbeat melody gives it an optimistic edge.

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough By Patty Smyth Featuring Don Henley.

This heartfelt duet has been a classic goodbye song since its release in 1992. The soft rock melodies and acoustic guitar strums make for an emotional song about saying goodbye to someone you love. It’s one of those songs that will make you feel all the feels — from sadness to regret, it captures the bittersweet emotions of letting go of something special.

The lyrics express the ultimate truth: “Sometimes love just ain’t enough, and no matter how hard we try, it’s never enough”. This song is a reminder that sometimes even loving someone isn’t enough to keep them in your life.

70. Song To Say Goodbye by Placebo.

This song was released in 2006 and is a melancholic farewell to a lost loved one. It speaks of partings, of how things change and how we must learn to move on.

The lyrics speak of the sadness of saying goodbye but also of hope for the future: “But I’ll never forget you/I know that I won’t/The memory will stay with me forever.” The power of this song is in its honesty and emotion. Its chorus captures the feeling of a goodbye: “So long/It’s time to wave goodbye/And it’s so hard for me to end.”

The music is also evocative; its slow tempo, gentle guitar strumming, and strings lend an air of sadness to the song. It’s a perfect goodbye anthem for any situation, be it leaving a loved one or moving away from home. Its simple beauty and sincerity make it one of the most popular goodbye songs around.

71. Sorry by Beyoncé.

This iconic song deals with the pain and sadness of having to say goodbye. The chorus says it all, “I’m sorry… goodbyes are never easy, no matter how we try.” Beyoncé’s powerful vocals and haunting lyrics poignantly capture the bittersweet feeling that comes with having to let go of someone special.

72. Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me by Ghostpoet.

This song is an emotional goodbye that speaks to the pain of letting go. The lyrics capture many emotions experienced in times of heartache and sorrow as Ghostpoet sings, “My love, it’s you not me/ I cannot make this last forever/ It takes a strength I know we both lack/ To keep us better off apart.”

The song is an honest and raw goodbye, aching with a feeling of finality. It captures the sense of helplessness when trying to let someone go and acknowledges that it takes strength for everyone to find peace in their separation.

73. Sunrise Avenue by Hollywood Hills.

This is a heartfelt goodbye song with a melody that evokes nostalgia. The lyrics speak of the narrator’s longing for days gone by, yet also reflects on the hope and optimism of a new chapter in life.

The chorus features an uplifting chorus that speaks of being ready to “take those Hollywood Hills” and start anew. It’s a beautiful track to close out a chapter of your life.

74. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

This song was released in 2009 and quickly rose to popularity. The lyrics talk about not wanting to let go of a moment, which makes it an ideal goodbye song.

The ethereal vocals and gentle piano chords make this track even more nostalgic, perfect for saying goodbye to someone you love.

75. “Take This Job And Shove It” By Johnny Paycheck.

This classic country tune is about a man who has had enough of his job and decides to leave with nothing but the clothes he’s wearing.

It was originally released in 1977, but it still resonates with people today. Its upbeat, barroom sing-along style makes it a favorite for jilted employees everywhere.

76. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton.

Released in 1992, this song was written as a tribute to Clapton’s son Conor who had tragically died in an accident. It is a heartbreaking love letter from parent to child with lyrics that explore grief and loss. The song gained even more poignancy when, in 2001, it was used as part of the memorial for the victims of 9/11.

77. The End by Kings of Leon.

This song has become an iconic goodbye anthem for many people. It speaks about how life can be short and fleeting but how you should take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

The chorus, “So when it’s time to go, will you stand up tall or just let it pass by?” is a great reminder to not let moments slip away. It also features a great guitar solo that adds to the emotional impact of the song.

78. The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd.

This song was featured in the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It is sung by Pippin as he leaves Minas Tirith to go back to his home, The Shire. Another popular goodbye song is “Leaving On a Jet Plane” by John Denver.

This song about saying goodbye for what could be the last time was released in 1969 and became an anthem for those who had to part ways with loved ones.

79. The Long And Winding Road By The Beatles.

This farewell anthem is a classic for saying goodbye, with the line “The long and winding road that leads to your door will never disappear” encapsulating the feeling of longing and sadness at a departure.

Released in 1970 from their final album Let It Be, it is considered one of the Beatles’ most iconic songs.

80. The Other Side Of Paradise by Glass Animals.

This song is a bittersweet goodbye and speaks about the sadness of realizing that you have to part ways with someone. It talks about the beauty of the relationship, but also how it can be hard because distance can become too much.

The narrator is saying their goodbyes and expressing all the emotions they feel when they have to leave someone behind.

81. The Power Of Good-Bye by Madonna.

This iconic song from 1998 is a powerful anthem about letting go of relationships that no longer serve you. The lyrics are full of emotion, with Madonna singing “You had your chance/It’s outta my hands/Good-bye forever” as she bids farewell to an unfulfilling relationship.

Despite the sadness expressed in the song, its powerful beat and upbeat melody make it an uplifting farewell.

82. This Love by Maroon 5.

This song takes a look back at a love that was once shared but is now coming to an end. The lyrics “If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this” speak to the longing for what could have been if circumstances hadn’t changed. It’s a bittersweet way to say goodbye and acknowledge what isn’t going to be.

83. Too Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith.

This is one of the most iconic goodbye songs in recent times. Released in 2017, this song was an instant hit and has been used for a variety of occasions to bid farewell.

It talks about how difficult it can be to move on after a relationship and expresses feelings of being hurt by people who have said goodbye before.

The song has strong emotion and the lyrics are powerful, making it a favorite for those dealing with difficult breakups.

Besides the sad tone of the song, it also has an upbeat tempo and catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head long after you’ve heard it.

84. Warwick Avenue by Duffy.

This classic 2008 song is a heartfelt breakup ballad about a woman who’s had enough of her lover’s lies and heartbreak.

She bids him farewell as she makes her way to the Warwick Avenue underground station in London.

Her vivid imagery, combined with the smooth melodies and Duffy’s powerful voice, make this an unforgettable goodbye song. Even though it was released more than a decade ago, it’s still as relevant and impactful today.

85. We’re Not Gonna Take It By Twisted Sister.

This song may be known as an anthem of rebellion, but it’s a good way to send off someone you care about. The lyrics tell us to “raise our hands” and take charge of our own lives, which is a powerful message for anyone setting out on their own.

We’re Not Gonna Take It celebrates a spirit of independence and gives us the courage to face our fears head on, just like the person you’re saying goodbye to. It’s a great way to wish someone luck and remind them that they are in control of their destiny.

86. You’ve Got A Friend By Carole King.

Whether your goodbye is for now or for always, this song will let you know that there is friendship no matter the farewell.

With deep and heartfelt lyrics about sticking together during hard times and being there for one another in good times, You’ve Got A Friend is an anthem of kindness and empathy to anyone who needs it.

What do you sing when someone is leaving?

Well, it depends on the occasion and the relationship you have with them. If it’s a family member or friend leaving for an extended period of time, you might want to sing them something nostalgic like “Home Sweet Home” or “Wherever You Go.” For someone departing on a short trip, upbeat tunes like “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” or “See You Later Alligator” could be appropriate. If the person leaving is a colleague, consider group singing something like “That’s What Friends Are For.”

What is the best song to say I miss you?

There are countless songs that can capture the feeling of missing someone, from classics like Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” to modern hits like Adele’s “Someone Like You. No matter what your musical taste is, there is sure to be a song out there for you.

Other great choices include Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”, John Mayer’s “Say What You Need To Say”, and Mariah Carey’s “Without You. For a more upbeat tune, try out Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” or The Beatles’ “If I Fell”.


Goodbye songs have been used throughout history to mark the end of something, whether it’s a gathering, a relationship, or even an era. From folk ballads and country weeps to pop anthems and showtunes, goodbye songs serve as an emotional release in times of transition.

Goodbye songs can be sad and nostalgic, but they often have a hopeful and uplifting message that can help us remember the good times while we move on to the next chapter of our lives.


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